– Expect pressure on the road network – NRK Innlandet – Local News, Television and Radio

- Expect pressure on the road network - NRK Innlandet - Local News, Television and Radio

On the last day of Easter, you have to be patient if you are going to use the car on the way home.

With the sun shining from the blue sky in many places yesterday, the Norwegian Public Roads Administration expects to see some congestion today.

Many have retreated to this day, so we follow.

This is what Trudeau Lindstadt, the transport operator of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, said on Monday morning.

Stay close to cars on Trondelag

Reports indicate that all major roads have good flow and there are no queues for traffic. Traffic will be via Gudbrandsdalen via E6, Østerdalen via National Highway 3 and National Highway 25 from Trisil to Oslo.

In Trondelag, there is a lot of traffic on the E6 between Oppdal and Trondheim.

– An NRK tipper says you can forget about overtaking because cars are so close.

An avalanche occurred on Vikafjellet on Riksveg 13 in the northern part of the mountain.

On the E16, at Valdres, two kilometers east of Tyinkrysset, the snow blocked the path. Landslides were cleared in the same area this morning.

On the E16 between Valdres and Oslo, less traffic was reported than on a normal weekday.

Many went home yesterday

Yesterday, the situation on the E16 between Vos and Bergen was completely different. Because, despite the good weather, there were many who already put their noses home on Sunday afternoons and evenings.

On the E16, the line between Vos and Bergen was more than 20 kilometers long at 11pm last night.

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Today, good flow is reported on the E16, but according to Vegtrafiksentralen, traffic is increasing.

At E6 last Lillyhammer, vacationers meet at places like Hofzel, Ski and Quidfjel. This caused traffic congestion yesterday.

There was a lot of traffic from Tretten and Øyer across the Lillehammer yesterday towards Mjøsbrua. Throughout the afternoon and evening it went smoothly for an hour, Lindstadt says.

– Keep the queue

According to Lindstad, there was little traffic from Trisil to Elver yesterday.

– SOh, there was Easter traffic yesterday, there were a lot of people on the road yesterday, but we still expect significant traffic today, he says.

Lindstadt says there are many things to think about before embarking on a journey home. Pack the car properly and secure loose items.

You also have to be patient.

Avoid unnecessary overtaking and place the queue where you will meet, Lindstadt says.

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