Expert: – Russia has violently increased its nuclear rhetoric

Expert: – Russia has violently increased its nuclear rhetoric

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Thursday, in a speech he delivered, that his country will do its utmost to avoid a global clash, but at the same time it will not allow it to be threatened.

Putin said: Our strategic forces are always ready, referring to the Russian nuclear force.

Russian-Danish expert Fleming Spledspoel He writes in a thread on X that Russia has sharply increased its nuclear rhetoric.

– Russian Defense will conduct exercises simulating the use of tactical nuclear weapons. It's a dramatic escalation. He writes that we should primarily see this as an expression that Russia is under pressure due to arms shipments coming to Ukraine.

Watch the video: This is where special forces strike Russia

It will take time

Ukraine has been warning for several months that it lacks ammunition. They noted that supplies from the West had been delayed, and also accused Western countries of hesitation when it came to new supplies of ammunition.

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Last month, the United States approved a $61 billion aid package for Ukraine, but experts said it will take some time for this aid to reach the battlefield.

The speech that Putin delivered to thousands of soldiers in Red Square in Moscow was on the occasion of the Soviet Union's victory over Nazi Germany in World War II.

– Going through a difficult time

Putin also praised forces fighting in Ukraine and accused “Western elites” of fomenting conflicts around the world.

– Dear friends, Russia is now going through a difficult and decisive time. Our fate and future depend on each one of us, Putin said.

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On Tuesday, Putin began his fifth presidential term. The 71-year-old was sworn in during a ceremony held in the Kremlin.

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