June 10, 2023


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in Twitter topic Many react to the fact that the type of oil used in Kim’s potato chips is not listed.

“Is this actually legal? Do you have to visit a website to see what type of oil is used? This KiMs is incredibly reassuring for allergy sufferers.”

The Twitter message caused several reactions:

“Thanks! I have an allergy and therefore do not buy products labeled as such. And starch is not an ingredient label I can use for anything, tell me what plants it is made from or I will have to buy something else,” another person wrote in the Twitter thread.

A store in Tronder sells illegal potato chips

On the bag they were able to stamp the potatoes specifically where they come from, the expiration date and the batch number. Who should have thought it would be easy to just print the text from the website – and then stamp the oil that was used on this bag. Another Twitter user says:

To DinSide, Elisabeth Aandstad Ekheim, Communications Manager for Orkla Confectionery & Snacks, explains that there is no question of any allergy risks.

– We do not use allergen-containing vegetable oils in Chemis. Consumers should always trust our products. We don’t give up on that.

Folding method: What do you do if you can’t eat all the potato chips? Seal the bag this way so the chips don’t get mushy! Video: Impla Hjort-Larsen.
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The communications manager adds that the labeling is temporary and that they have received an exemption from the Norwegian Food Safety Authority.

– The reason is the uncertainty in obtaining sunflower oil as a result of the war in Ukraine. This meant that for a short time we had to replace sunflower oil with other vegetable oils that were available.

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She continues:

– We’re back to using sunflower oil in all of our Kims products, but due to how long it’s been around, it’ll be a while before we update the packaging. On Kim’s new packaging, “sunflower oil” will again appear in the ingredients list.