Explosions in Ukrainian cities – Three are said to have been killed in Kyiv – VG

Explosions in Ukrainian cities - Three are said to have been killed in Kyiv - VG
Street: Police released this photo of a street in Kyiv that was hit by Russian missiles on Wednesday.

Three people were killed and nine others were wounded in new attacks in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv. Air defense sirens sounded, and new explosions were reported Wednesday.


Interfax The military authorities in Kyiv quoted the source as saying that three were killed and six wounded after the bombing of a two-storey building in the city on Wednesday.

The news agency later quoted the mayor of Kyiv as saying that nine were injured. Eight of them will be hospitalized.

A two-day-old baby was killed when Russian missiles hit a hospital in Vilnyansk, outside Zaporizhia, in the center of the country, on Wednesday.

Kyiv Mayor Vitali Klitschko reported Wednesday afternoon that infrastructure in the capital had been damaged and water supplies had been temporarily halted, according to Reuters.

He wrote on Facebook that anti-aircraft sirens are going off telling people to stay safe.

– Air defense operates in the region. Stay in shelters and safe places, writes the regional military commander Oleksij Kuleba on Telegram, according to Interfax.

Trovet: Rescue crews at the site where Russian missiles were said to have struck Kyiv on Wednesday.

Kyiv without electricity

Kuleba says the entire Kyiv region was without electricity on Wednesday, after Russian airstrikes targeted critical infrastructure.

The temperature in DC is around the freezing point.

The Associated Press reported powerful booms from what sounded like repeated explosions.

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– The enemy launched missile attacks on vital infrastructure in Kyiv. Stay in shelters until the anti-aircraft sirens stop, city authorities said on social media.

HOSPITAL: Rescue crews work to clear rubble on Wednesday, after missiles hit a hospital in Vilnyansk, Ukraine. It is said that an infant was killed.

Explosions in several cities

At the same time, reports of missile strikes were received from other cities in Ukraine.

The DPA news agency reported that explosions were heard in the cities of Odessa, Mykolaiv, Poltava and Dnipropetrovsk.

No injuries or deaths have been reported here, and many of the explosions may have been caused by Ukrainian air defences.

– Several harsh missile attacks on the country as Russia tries to punish Ukraine for daring to break free. I have seen the strength of the Ukrainian people and I know that Russia’s attempt to control Ukraine by sending them into the cold and dark will fail. US Ambassador to the country Bridget Brink wrote that we will stand by Ukraine.

Firefighting: Fire crews worked to extinguish Wednesday, after Russian airstrikes in Vigorod outside Kyiv.

Lviv without electricity

Mayor Andrej Sadovig said on social media, on Wednesday, that the city of Lviv in western Ukraine was cut off from electricity after fresh attacks.

He warns of a possible disruption to the city’s water supply.

Also last week, Ukraine’s electricity supply was severely damaged in a new wave of Russian missile attacks targeting Kyiv, Lviv and others.

The power plant is not connected

Large parts of Moldova, the republic that borders Ukraine in the southwest, has lost power after a power plant in Ukraine was disconnected in the wake of the missile attacks.

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Ukraine’s Energoatom confirmed to Reuters that units at a nuclear power plant in the country’s southern Odessa province have been shut down due to Russian airstrikes.

– Moldovan’s state-owned power grid operator is working to restore electricity to more than 50 percent of the country, Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister Andrej Spino said, according to Reuters.

According to Reuters, the capital, Chisinau, was supposed to restore electricity on Wednesday afternoon.

Energoatom reported that three Ukrainian nuclear power plants were disconnected from the power grid in the wake of the Russian attacks.


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