Extreme weather, Kida | Extreme weather “Kida” continues Thursday: Roads closed and many evacuated

Extreme weather, Kida |  Extreme weather "Kida" continues Thursday: Roads closed and many evacuated

Extreme weather is expected on Thursday with a possible downpour. Heavy rain has already created major challenges.

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“It’s very stable and it’s raining heavily,” Unni Nilsen, a state meteorologist at the Meteorological Center, told Netavision at 9:35 a.m. Thursday.

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Møre o Romsdal and Trøndelag are the most desirable districts, but slowly moving south.

– The extreme forecast is valid until Thursday night, Nilsen says.

A lot of wind is expected, but this is the first and foremost sent a red alert for rain, which is included in extreme weather.

– It can range from small to full storms on the coast, but during the day it can turn into a severe storm, the meteorologist explains.

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As of Thursday morning, the following three places have received heavy rainfall over the last 24 hours:

  • Domreford in Westnes municipality, 148.3 millimeters
  • Owned by Hastadvika Municipality, 125.5 mm
  • Tresfjorden in Vestnes municipality, 121.2 mm.

The Met Office has warned that it will rain for another 12 hours.


As a result of the landslide, 16 houses have been vacated in Sjøholt in Alessandre municipality.

– Landslide at a construction site in Sjøholt. No injuries. The operation center in the Møre og Romsdal police district said 16 houses had been vacated in the area where geological surveys were pending.

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An online newspaper reporter learned of Kida’s devastation in Nortmore on Wednesday:

The NTB was told that 37 people were registered living in the houses, but police estimate that the number of evictees was slightly lower.

Relocation Sunnmørsposten The landslide was estimated to be 5-6 meters wide by Operations Manager Per Ivor Houghton.

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Meteorologists have warned

The Center for Meteorology said there was a possibility of several landslides, landslides and floods on Thursday.

– Can cause more major effects. Major incidents can reach buildings, roads or railroad tracks. Access by road and rail can be reduced, they write in Yr.

Avalanches are triggered on relatively gentle slopes where water is collected. Stream slopes, as well as streams and rivers with large water currents, are particularly vulnerable to flooding and landslides.

The greatest danger is expected from night to Thursday. According to the current forecast, the interior of western Norway and central Norway are particularly vulnerable.

In addition to heavy rainfall, high temperatures and high winds can lead to severe snowmelt.

The river in Eresfjord is creating a problem

In Eresfjord in the municipality of Molde, Dokkelva is in danger of crossing its border, and 44 people have been evicted from their homes.

– Whether further evacuations are needed and how long the discharge will last is constantly being assessed. Functional Center.

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Mayor Dorjir Doll (H) said N.R.K. Tokalwa has been up more than a meter since 7pm on Wednesday night.

– We hope the river will cross its shores, he said after midnight on Thursday.

Closed roads

E39 was closed until Thursday night in Wasliwoodnet in the municipality of Heim in Trondlock due to a landslide. The flood also covers the road between Vinciora and Stormira, he says Road traffic center in the middle.

Tronder-Avisa Reports The following roads are affected in Trondelag:

  • Fylkesveg 6914, Sjøvollen in Steinkjer: Closed in both directions due to flooding.
  • Fylkesveg 761, Inderøy: Water level in Brix Sandwollen closed due to flooding.
  • Fylkesveg 6330, Follafoss / Åfjord: Vegtrafiksentralen announced at 04.00pm on Thursday night that it was closed due to difficult driving conditions.
  • Fylkesveg 6860, Skogn: A large river crossing the road at Frykesveg 6860 in Grytesvegen was reported to the police. Road users are at risk.
  • Fylkesveg 6900, Verdal: Vegtrafiksentralen reported at midnight Thursday night that the road in Skjækerfossen was closed due to flooding.

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration encourages car parking as road conditions in many districts are very demanding.

– Conditions are very demanding and things change quickly in the most affected areas. In a statement on Thursday morning, Niles Adun Karpo, director of traffic management and emergency preparedness at the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, said: “We urge people to get out of the car and take unnecessary risks if possible.

“Gyda” primarily affects Møre og Romsdal and Trøndelag on Thursday, but the Nortland is expected to be most severely affected in the next 24 hours.


In the municipality of Orkland, large-scale rainfall is causing major problems, with the Guampecken floodplain in Phnom Penh being submerged.

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Police say part of the Moroccan camp in Trondelock was partially submerged Thursday morning.

To do Dagbladet Arnt Harald Aaslund, operations manager for the Trøndelag police district, said firefighters had to take a woman on a boat out of a nail tent on a boat on Wednesday.

In Meråker, it has been raining normally throughout the last 24 hours, throughout January. It has received 83.5 mm of rain in the last 24 hours and is expected to continue above Thursday.

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Damage reports continue

Has so far Genesidike forciking Received nearly 30 claims regarding Gyda. Statistics will be updated at 10pm on Wednesday.

– Many of our customers have already noticed high levels of rainfall and snow melting. Communications manager Paul Rune Eglo says the most common inquiries are customers whose basement is flooded with water, retreating from the drainage network and having leaks through leaking roofs and walls.

According to the company, the average level of damage for this type of incident is between 50,000 and 100,000 kroner, but repairing a fitted foundation can cost up to half a million kroner.

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Atmospheric river

Heavy rain, storms, big waves, mild weather and slippery roads are among the items that Kida offers. Its description of extreme weather is called the Atmospheric River.

– There are big local differences. Thursday will be a very intense day, says Derje Dusetin, regional manager at the Norwegian Directorate of Water Resources and Energy (NVE). N.R.K..

– The flood is slightly behind. The peak of the flood may come Friday night, he continues.

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