Facebook announces murder video sharing – VG

Facebook announces murder video sharing - VG

The mother of Danish Louisa Vestrager Jespersen, 24, who was murdered in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco, is constantly receiving videos of her daughter’s murder. She is now criticizing Facebook for helping to share the brutal murder video.

Norwegian Marin Öland, 28, was killed in the same attack, when the two were hiking in the Atlas Mountains in December 2018. Four men were sentenced to death for their murder.

More than three years later, Dane’s mother, Helle Vestrager Jespersen, 24, was constantly receiving videos showing her daughter’s murder. The videos are sent via Facebook, according to DR . news. Now the company has reported to the police.

Facebook has in several cases not removed the content, despite the fact that it was reported, according to DR News.

Martin Ruby, director of Facebook at Nordic, tells the site that the sender is constantly changing the small details of the technical coordination.

This means that the video is seen as new in Facebook’s systems, and therefore is not automatically captured.

Miriam Michaelsen is an attorney for Vestager Jespersen and founder of the Digital Responsibility Association.

– The same article is uploaded and shared over and over. As procedures are now, it is the victim herself who must report each time it is posted, she said.

In several cases, the lawyer states, Facebook failed to respond to the content notification. Other times, they replied that the videos do not exceed Facebook’s guidelines.

The Digital Responsibility Team and many other organizations and researchers believe that tech players should be given more responsibility to ensure that content is never available again, NTB writes.

Google has also reported where the murder video can be found with a simple search, NTB writes.

In addition to the film showing the murder, a film in which the perpetrators swear allegiance to the extremist Islamic State organization was also circulated.

Irene Oland, the mother of Norwegian Maren Oland, lived exactly the same as the mother of Louisa Vestrager Jespersen.

Hailey’s match is amazing. She did a great job when Facebook refused to delete such content, apparently it might change the law in Denmark. It’s a solid result, and it’s impressive that she fought that fight, Erin Holland tells VG

Shortly after the murder, Krepos and the police notified them that the video was circulating, and were given advice on what to do.

– I followed the advice, says Ueland, and says that in a short time they shut down all that existed social media, email, and digital contact with the outside world for two and a half months. Family and friends have also been notified.

– I’ve never seen the movie before, says Holland.

– Maybe the movie in my head is worse.

That’s why Irene Hollande founded the foundation Marengardens Foundation for Peacebuilding / From Mother to Mother.

The institution’s ambition is to prevent the polarization of society.

There is no doubt that polarization provides nourishment and food for extremist attitudes that can lead to violent extremism. In the West, we see growing anti-immigrant and anti-immigrant sentiment, especially Muslims. The video, which went viral in both Denmark and Norway, was often followed by hate speech in this way, often abused by anti-immigrant groups. It’s good that Hailey is taking the fight to Facebook, and all credit to her for that. I myself chose to use my energy and profits for the Foundation, says Ueland.

She has no doubt that their approach can make a huge difference in Norway, Morocco and the rest of the world.

The organization that was founded in 2019 has many exciting projects, and during February we are in full swing, says Holland.

After a few months of no social media, Hollande had to open up to digital life again. She understood that the video was something she would have to live with for the rest of her life, and that she had to learn to take some precautions.

Ueland thinks it’s absolutely terrible that such videos cannot be stopped, and that the tech giants are not to blame.

One way to be able to live is to try to prevent this from happening. We don’t get what we had back, says Erin Holland, but we should do our best.

The four perpetrators were sentenced to death, but Morocco has not carried out executions since 1993.

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