Facebook owner spent 236 million on security around top manager – E24

Facebook owner spent 236 million on security around top manager - E24

The Comprehensive Security Program will ensure the security of Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In addition, he will receive more than 80 million NOK to cover additional security measures.

Security: Meta pays for both Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg’s security personnel and private jets.
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Each year, Facebook Meta owner spends millions on security related to both CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg.

at recent days advertisement From the company, it appears that the security-related costs around Zuckerberg amounted to $26.8 million, or 236 million kroner, in 2021.

That was an increase of about six percent from the previous year, when the bill ended at $25.3 million.

The company wrote that “the increased costs in 2021 are mainly due to private travel, costs related to security protocols through the COVID-19 pandemic, and an increase in the market price for security personnel.”

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14 million was spent on private planes

The CEO’s “comprehensive safety program” in 2021 cost the company $15.2 million.

“Under Zuckerberg’s Comprehensive Security Program, we pay costs related to the security of Zuckerberg’s personal, homes and during personal travel, including annual costs for security personnel for his safety, acquisition, installation and maintenance of certain security measures for his homes,” Meta writes.

In addition, he receives $10 million a year before taxes that he himself can spend on security beyond what is primarily covered by Meta. This money will go to additional staff, equipment, services, property improvements, and other costs related to security.

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Meta also covers private jet travel. Last year, the company spent $1.6 million, which is equivalent to 14 million kroner, which is somewhat less than in previous years.

Meta explains that spending money with Zuckerberg is a “synonym” for the company. The company also writes that negative associations with the company “are directly linked to and often relayed to Zuckerberg.”

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Make up almost the entire allowance

Starting in 2022, the company will also bill for use of Zuckerberg’s private jets, according to the report.

“For the travel that Zuckerberg carries out with the aircraft owned by Zuckerberg, we are paying an amount commensurate with market rates for similar flights,” Meta wrote in the ad.

The security budget around Zuckerberg accounts for nearly all of the Meta costs incurred by the first manager. Zuckerberg gets only $1 in salary a year, and he’s given up all bonus programs.

As mentioned, Meta is also paying for the safety of COO Sheryl Sandberg. In 2021, the bill for that was about nine million dollars. Furthermore, the company spent $2.3 million on costs related to the private use of private aircraft.

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