Facebook, social media | What does Facebook do with us?

Facebook, social media |  What does Facebook do with us?

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A long period of illness has meant that Facebook has gradually taken up too much space in my life.

The Book was open to me, no matter where I was or what I was doing. And I’m certainly not alone.

With 724 “friends”, this is cumbersome and time consuming.

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Regarding my private life, I published the disembodied reality, and also asked for the renunciation of pity.

I just wanted to convey that every medal has another aspect, and that the same is true in reality in life. There were many positive and reinforcing comments, but not all of them addressed my openness.

So I came to the conclusion that my Facebook profile should have no friends at all.

All removed as a friend, this has given me more peace, daily life has really improved.

Sends SMS

Now send an SMS to those whose birthday I remember.

The friends I will meet in my life, those I will talk with, drink coffee with, laugh with, and if it is natural, cry with them.

Yesterday I met a friend of mine in Coben, she asked me if she had done something wrong, she was not my Facebook friend.

She also has the same thoughts as me.


My last post on my open Facebook profile, anyone can still enter to search, it’s the following:

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I have been involved in Facebook for many years. Now I have disassembled myself. That’s a twist!

Everyday life becomes complicated with Facebook!

Hanisi Anenih

Hanisi Anenih

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