False coronary rumors about Quadrod and several malls are spreading online

Not only Quadrat, there are rumors of an epidemic at the center. There have been rumors of an outbreak in several shopping centers across the country. False rumors.

Renate Hjørnevik, the central manager at Kvadrat, has repeatedly denied rumors that more people were affected in Kvadrat.
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– Both conspiracy theories and fake news are spreading faster than Omigran, says Petter Bae Brandtzæg, a UiO professor and chief researcher at Synteff. AddressCivisen.

The newspaper writes that there is a rumor that twelve of the victims were shopping for Christmas at a circus shop in Trondheim. Center manager Train Fosnase denies that anything like this has happened.

– It is very sad to allow such a wild story to be spread as it is. Shopping in stores should feel safe, so it should not happen, he says.

Quadrat had to send a press release

Similar rumors circulated about the Kvadrat shopping center in Sandnes and Herkules in Skien and Sørlandssenteret in Kristiansand.

Aftenbladet has previously written about crown rumors in Kvadrat.

Quadrat was forced to send someone out Press release To falsify rumors.

Brandtzæg believes that there can be many reasons for people to spread false stories.

– It can be a lot of fun or it can create unrest and divisions among people. During the Corona period, many false stories were in circulation. Because, he says, there is a constant crisis situation, and then an insatiable need for information often arises when independent control is given to stories like this.

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