Families with children evacuated by fire in Oslo – VG

Families with children evacuated by fire in Oslo – VG
Burned: The apartment in Stowner, Oslo, was badly burned, causing serious injuries and severe consequences.

One person was killed, three firefighters were injured and 30 others were injured in what became known as the Cold War.


Just before midnight on Saturday, the fire department was informed that a fire had broken out on the ground floor of an apartment building in Dokerdberg, Stowner, Oslo.

During the fire, 30 people were evacuated from their homes.

– Many expelled themselves. Line Scott, operations manager at the Oslo Police District, told Vijay at 01.32 the night before Christmas that the apartment was on fire.

Wrote at 04.00 NDP Relatives were informed that one person had died.

See VG’s photos from the fire here:

The smokers had to leave

Writes at one of the Oslo Fire and Rescue Center See more of Facebook On Sunday afternoon, they were first notified that smoke was entering the apartment through a valve in the bathroom. At that moment flames went out from the balcony. Many of the neighbors were evicted from their balconies.

Working conditions should gradually become harder.

– After 15-20 minutes, the smokers should leave due to the intense heat, and efforts to extinguish the exterior continue, it says.

Three firefighters were injured in the blaze.

– Conditions at the site mean that unfortunately three of our own crew were injured. One is being taken to Ahus and two to the emergency department. Our co-worker in Ahus is still in the hospital for monitoring, and the company writes that he will be discharged during the day.

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All three are consistently followed by co-workers and leaders. The Police and the Norwegian Labor Inspection Commission are routinely notified.

Was expelled to the hotel

On Saturday afternoon, the Crime Surveillance Commission in Oslo told VG that they still did not know why the fire broke out in the nine-storey apartment building and that the investigation could only begin on Monday as preparations had to be made.

The 30 evictees have not yet been allowed to return home. Crime surveillance in Oslo is uncertain how long this will last, but says the block must first be refurbished and that they inspected the building, but work has not yet begun Saturday afternoon.

The health service in Oslo Municipality wrote to VG in an email that they had been assisting the evictees overnight.
– The Community Outpatient Emergency Service (SAA) assisted in the psychological social follow-up of those evacuated last night. Communications Manager Christian Ecker Hanson writes in an email that the SAA has arranged for the evacuees to contact the appropriate hotel to stay.

When Viji hears that there are families with children among the evictees, he confirms.

– Stay awake

The Oslo Fire and Rescue Service writes that their thoughts go to the relatives of the deceased. At the same time they give some advice to prevent fire.

– This tragic fire is a reminder of the importance of ensuring a possible early warning by having a smoke alarm in all living rooms and bedrooms. At the same time, in general, we urge everyone to be careful when using candles / open flames, and to be vigilant when cooking and when using electrical appliances.

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