Family Parks, Amusement Parks | Discount codes offer very cheap entry to Norwegian amusement parks

Family Parks, Amusement Parks |  Discount codes offer very cheap entry to Norwegian amusement parks

Nettavisen was recently able to report that prices for family parks have in some cases increased significantly in recent years. In Bø Sommarland, prices have increased by more than 30 percent in four years, while fewer young children get in free.

But it is not necessary to pay full price to enter the park. There are a wide range of discount programs that can save you a lot of money.

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Discount at many locations

There are many membership organizations and services that offer some comprehensive benefit plans. This applies to your bank, credit card company, union, NAF, company you work for or anything like that.

Housing associations in particular tend to offer extensive and varied membership benefits. The most comprehensive plan will reach approximately 500,000 members of Opos. Among other things, they have discount programs at most family parks in Norway.

– We find that our members greatly appreciate the membership discounts offered by membership at Opos, and usage of the benefits has been increasing in recent years. Amusement parks are a very popular offer during the summer months, offering great value for the whole family, both in terms of experiences and the discounts you can get, says Clarice Aus Ovram, director of member operations for Opos.

– Currently we have agreements with 13 different amusement parks, where our members receive obos discounts in the membership program in Norway and Sweden and Legoland in Denmark. Tusenfryd is an amusement park we have partnered with for over 10 years, where we have two special days every year for our members. On Opos Day in May, more than 7,000 members availed this benefit and we are launching a new one in August. In 2023, approx. 70,000 tickets with opos discounts to various amusement parks.

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There are also plenty of other players who have discount deals with amusement parks. Examples are other housing associations, LO members, NAF members, students and those associated with the armed forces.

The value of the discount varies between the locations where you generate the discount code and between different theme parks.

It is common to log into member pages of various organizations to gain access to secret codes. As a rule, you will also be able to document membership once you have entered.

Various benefits

At Tusenfryd, for example, you can get up to 30 percent off. It costs NOK 170 per ticket. In practice, the discount is not very good because you have to order online for the discount, and here you get a discount of NOK 60.

For a family of four, the savings are still over NOK 400.

PS! Please note that the discount applies to adult tickets only. If you have a discount, it pays to purchase an adult ticket for small children as well.

Similar discounts are available at Bjørneparken and Bø Sommarland.

On the other hand, in Kongeparken and Hunderfossen, you are given a fixed price, but how much you pay depends on your membership. For example, it's no surprise that a membership with Bate from Stavanger is worth more if you're going to Kongeparken than an Opos membership in Oslo. Because the parks use “dynamic pricing,” the discount becomes especially attractive on the most expensive days.

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