Fan of Justice Minister Emily Enger Mehl Kamelan – VG

Fan of Justice Minister Emily Enger Mehl Kamelan - VG
Asking him: When Emily Enger Mehl asks what Norwegian artists he likes, he points to Camelon.

Reveals that she is listening to the rapper. – He’s good, I mean!


The government was well represented at the NRK’s ​​P3 Gold Awards on Saturday.

Receives Stick Brenner P3 Award from Prime Minister Jonas Kare Store – and Agreed with political demand Created a commotion in the hall.

Justice Minister Emily Enger Mehl was also in attendance, and unlike the store, she also appeared on the red carpet.

There she tells Vijay that she has a versatile taste in music; Among other things, she loves R&B and hip hop while training. She also loves classical music.

– In general, there is a lot of good Norwegian music in a variety of genres, says Enger Mehl.

One of the most talked about artists in Norway in recent years is rapper Marcus Cabello Mol Mosley – also known as Kamelon, and 28-year-old Justice Minister.

But he holds a law degree and is now in charge of both the police, prison care and the judiciary, and Cameolen’s upbringing and young adult life was colored by crime and punishment in many forms and forms.

Focus music

However, Emily Enger Mehl did not allow herself to be influenced by it:

She pulled the rapper out herself when VG asked who she liked the most among the P3 Gold artists.

– I think the camel is good, that is! It depends on the mood and what to do, I am open to a lot of things, there are many interests in the world of music.

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– A little problem in the law for the artist did not prevent the Minister of Justice from becoming a fan?

– Now the focus is on music. Then people have to act according to the law, otherwise they have to take effect – he says it applies to everyone – and she points out that she likes Sigrid too.

– Cool that she is also a fan, Cameron informs about the latest known addition to the fan base.

– “Justice for the people”, he adds.

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Earlier this fall, VG released a lengthy report on his long-running, troubled relationship with Cameron and police in his hometown of Bergen. Pursued by the long arm of the law.

He said the situation was deteriorating at present.

– Now the only thing bothering me is the press, he laughs.

– Life Smiles, says Cameron, who was double nominated for P3 Gold and starred in the hit “Cream de la Cream”.

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