Fang, Fangshimin | Large parts of the municipality lost mobile coverage after fiber outages in connection with road improvements

Fang, Fangshimin |  Large parts of the municipality lost mobile coverage after fiber outages in connection with road improvements

Wang: The result concerns large parts of the municipality of Fang and Telenor customers. There was nothing wrong with covering Telia in Fang Municipality.

– We are not aware of the cause or have been notified that there will be a result from Telenor early on, Vang’s Director of Health and Welfare, Guro RÃ¥heim Kvam, told the newspaper on Friday morning.

She then indicated that the mobile network was operating in parts of the municipality, but they had no overview of the range beyond what Telenor’s coverage map showed.

Read Telenor’s comment in more detail on the case.

Telephone network and government emergency

– What we did is we hooked up a satellite phone in the town hall and the Vangsheimen, Grindaheim Red Cross runs on the emergency network if something happens and we need it. The doctor’s office is also on the emergency network, and Fang’s head of health and care can say as well.

– When it comes to nursing home and home service, we carry out additional supervision if there is a need, among other things in view of those with a security alert. Security alarms also contain two SIM cards from both Telenor and Telia. Rahim Kvam explained that since only Telenor’s mobile network is down, not Telia, it still has to operate as such.

Ten out of twelve base stations

“What I can confirm is that it’s a fairly large outage as there are large parts of Vang from E16 in Ryfoss, west along the municipal border in Filefjell and around Tyin where most of our mobile coverage has disappeared,” Telenor’s Director of Information, Magnus Line, told the newspaper. Friday morning.

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He further said that ten of Telenor’s twelve base stations in the area had failed. He couldn’t answer the percentage of Vang Telenor’s mobile customers, or the number of subscribers.

New fiber error

The CIO was able to say that work is underway to restore mobile coverage in the area. The cause of the result was an error that occurred during an imposed change in connection with the improvement of E16.

Road development requires us to replace the communications infrastructure. At around midnight on Friday, a fault was discovered in the new fibers that were exploding. We have since worked to restore coverage. The team that was there all night was replaced by a new team in the morning hours, and we’re still working tirelessly to fix the bug. Unfortunately, I can’t make a date, but we hope to resolve this as quickly as possible, the CIO told the newspaper on Friday morning.

After an hour and a half, he was able to state that all mobile phone traffic should be back to normal in Fang. Then technicians split the fibers.

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