Farm Celebrities, Ann Kate Herland | He replies after the phrase “Celebrity Farm”: – I do not agree

Farm Celebrities, Ann Kate Herland |  He replies after the phrase “Celebrity Farm”: – I do not agree

The eighth season of “Farmen kjendis” began on Tuesday evening, and at Li's farm, twelve Norwegian celebrities will learn about farming 100 years ago, as well as fight for their lives.

This year's season has already seen some ups and downs, when participants Kristian Brynhovd, 23, and Emma Ellingsen, 21, were at the farm for a day alone before other celebrity renters arrived.

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But the season also started with a bang, because it didn't take long before the first plot in “Farmen kendis” took place.

There was a serious air on the farm when Anne was Cat. Herland (51 years old) rages against large farmer Bahari Viken (33 years old) and her assistants.

Big disagreement

In the first episode of the TV 2 show, Herland got a strong reaction because some kittens had apparently escaped from the farmer's large apartment.

She also reacted to the fact that there were glasses with leftover alcoholic beverages in the room, which she thought might be due to the negligence.

– It can't be that hard in hell to keep the door closed, Herland says in Tuesday's episode.

Part of the 51-year-old woman's reaction was due to her incurable eye disease, which narrows her vision. Therefore, she could not see like the other participants, and she was afraid of stepping on the kittens and hurting them.

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This led to Herland's anger against the big farmer and his assistants, whom he believed were negligent with the animals.

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Nettavisen has been in contact with Anne-Kat's manager. Herland, who said she did not wish to comment on the case.

She also insinuates that the three girls drank a lot of alcohol. This comment was not well received by senior farmer and assistant Emily Neering (28).

– I found it completely exaggerated to hold the plenary session in this way. Accusing us of not taking good care of animals and that we drink drama was very far from reality, Niering tells Netafisin.

– Not some stupid little girls

Neering stresses that she understands that people have different ways of dealing with frustration, but she responded to the comments directed at her, Viken and Emma Ellingsen.

-I don't really appreciate the comments that we're “stupid little girls.” Harry registered as a large farmer, and I registered as an animal manager, so I guess we weren't exactly 'stupid little girls'.

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Storbonde Viken also responded to how Hærland handled the situation, and believes the 51-year-old's accusations do not correspond to reality:

– It's nice that things were said about her, but I thought it was offensive. At least when it comes to speaking publicly about her situation and what we should keep in mind, she continues:

-I think all three of us girls felt guilty, at least about the alcohol suspension. I don't know what the percentage was, but we barely tasted it. We didn't sit in that loft and drink what we had, and that certainly doesn't add up.

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Take your cameras with you

“Farmen kendis” participants and cameras witnessed the explosion, and it was no coincidence that this moment was captured on film, according to Nearing.

She says Herland told the camera team that she had a message and that it needed to be filmed:

-I remember sitting there and feeling like it was just a play. I heard that Ann Cat. She told the cameras that she had to bring them to the explosion.

Viken also told Nettavisen that Hærland had cameras at his heels just before the explosion, and the 33-year-old makes no secret of the fact that she thinks Hærland wanted to create some entertainment:

– Apparently this was her way of acting. She wasn't quick to get angry, she just needed to vent. But she also tried to “show off” a little whenever she got the chance.

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Despite the frustration and conflict, both Viken and Nereng fully understand that Hærland is happening.

– I didn't take it personally, because I understood that it was a frustration she was dealing with, because of her eyesight. “You can understand that you're reacting with anger, but really you just mean to say you should be careful and a little careful,” says Viken.

Both Neering and Viken felt the conflict was over after the 51-year-old vented, but Neering doesn't hide that she was affected by the conflict:

– It was never fun in an adult's mouth, so I was a little affected by it for the rest of that day, I remember. I find it difficult to get rid of it. But we put it behind us and realized she needed to talk.

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