farm, celebrity | Salikha Jill comes out of The Farm after a week & on the farm:

farm, celebrity |  Salikha Jill comes out of The Farm after a week & on the farm:

There was an intense duel between the two giants on Sunday.

After a hard week inside farm “farm”, As participants began to feel like they lived close to each other, Grethe Enlid, 49, asked big farmer Robert Michael Scott, 53, to become the first champion of the week.

The reason for her request to be sent to the duel was simple: she had to expel Salikha Gil (36 years old). The two soon ended up snatching up inside the farm, and the 49-year-old finally had enough.

– It must be me or she at the farm. It’s all about my well-being on the farm, Enlid said earlier this week. On Sunday’s episode, she got it the way she wanted it, and it was Jill who became the second champ this week.

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Lost focus during the duel

There were two focused fighters who met in Parliament on Sunday, and after an intense duel in publishing, it was finally Enlid who saw the fastest on the three sticks, and Jill was forced to leave the farm.

Gilly told Nettavisen that she had pain in her back and shoulder last week, but that she was ready to win the duel.

– But I lost focus. Although I know I have strong arms and abs, it’s more about technique than strength, she says.

However, she believed that Enlid had a small advantage during the duel.

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– When the saw suddenly swerved, and I saw the faces of others in front of me, I lost focus. If the audience was behind me, I don’t think I would have been so unfocused. But I saw a crook, and Grethe beat me with her long arms, she says with a sly smile.

Since “Farmen” is still being taped, Nettavisen was unsuccessful in getting a comment from Enlid about this year’s second duel.

He laughs at his behaviour

Over the past week, Jill has attracted attention with several statements on TV, including when she made a tiara, walked the farm on her head, and described herself as a queen.

After Varmin’s stay, the Oslo girl takes it all in with a big smile.

Honestly, I had never called myself a queen before I entered The Farm. She says to Netavizen, but you are mad at being there.

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With a little food, a little sleep, and a bunch of different characters gathered in one place, Jill says a lot of what she did on the farm was making good TV and having fun.

– It’s a reality. I can’t say “You’re ugly and you’re pale”, but I can say I’m a queen, she says, followed by a good laugh and with a clear allusion to Melina Johnson’s infamous “X-on-the-Beach” blast.

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