Farmen kendis: stands out on itself while recording:

Farmen kendis: stands out on itself while recording:

On Wednesday’s episode of Farmen kendis teller Challenger Aurora Judd (30) About an event she would rather be without. Jude had had a stomach ache for a long time, which the doctor told him was normal given the diet on the farm.

– My stomach became very constipated, and suddenly it felt loose. I thought it was over, but it didn’t take long before things got worse, she told TV2.

Jude spent a lot of time with the animals while living on the farm. When she was in the yard, she had a disturbing experience.

– I’m taking care of horses and suddenly I feel like I have to poop. He went like that So fast that I couldn’t think about it before it spilled.

Watch the video of Judd talking about the accident at the top of the case.

CHALLENGER: Aurora Gude entered with Jan Tore Kjær (53) Photo: Tarjei Krogh


Judd says it was a very unpleasant experience.

– I got very anxious and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The 30-year-old soon met the doctor at the farm, who happened to be there, and explained the situation.

– We both laughed at the situation, and luckily I got new clothes so I could get rid of the ones with poo on them.

deceived himself

Soon, when Judd was talking to the camera, also called a “sync,” the production looked at her curiously and asked if there was anything she wanted to say.

– I thought that the doctor would have told me this further, that they would not let me get away from such a story. So I had to say it.

What Judd didn’t realize was that production didn’t know about the incident.

– “Do you eat meat now,” I thought. Can I be without saying it on TV?

After the camera crew got the story on tape, Judd thought she should be in it.

– It took a few days before I told the other participants. After all, it’s not uncommon to beat yourself up as an adult. Maybe some people do, but I don’t, she notes.

We see Farm fame Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday on TV 2 and tv 2 play.

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