“Farmin” – Pal: – – Life has been turned upside down

"Farmin" - Pal: - - Life has been turned upside down

Almost exactly three years ago, TV viewers got acquainted with the man of Fredrikstad Pal Nygaard (30 years old) Through the program “The Farm” on TV 2. At the time, he confirmed to the channel and the press that he was single.

But he lied. Outside, his girlfriend Miranda Morena (26 years old) was waiting for him to come home.

– It was a tactic to secure my spot on The Farm. I was terrified that everything would fall apart if I told them I was no longer single, a “Varmin” participant from 2018 told Dagbladet.

Ordinary people: But this does not mean that everyone is completely normal. Here are the “farm” growers this fall! Video: Tor Lindseth / Red Carpet
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Like night and day

After that, things went smoothly for the couple, who became engaged six months ago Small Alba parents.

Life turned upside down. A lot has happened in three years, says Nygaard, who lived in the “farm” era on set with a friend.

– Now I managed to get out of the group, bought my apartment with my girlfriend, had children with her and now bought a house. In addition, we will sell the apartment in Oslo. So going from 28 years old to over 30 years old – it was a very big step for me.

Happy Father: Profile
Happy father: The former ‘Farm’ profile is totally amazed by the latest addition to the family. Photo: private
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So how do you characterize your new life?

– There are great contradictions. But these steps into the adult world also took place at a time when there was little room for parties and fun. In this sense, it was ideal to build a “nest”. But it’s like night and day, though Miranda and I agree that we should have fun even if we have kids – we shouldn’t lose ourselves for this. But it’s my little six-month-old who’s freaking out on most things now, and I’m living pretty well with that. this is wonderul.

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On TV: Paal Nygård was part of
on TV: Paal Nygård was part of ‘The Farm’ in 2018. Front from left: Nikolai Aspen, Erin Haley, Lyn Slyberud, Tonje, Andrea Badendyk, Solve Monsen and host Gaut Grotta Graf. Back from left: Jürgen Ringstad, contenders, Pal Nygaard, Denek Poldermann, Charlie Stewart and Vidar Johansen. Photo: Tori Scar/Look and Hear
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rocked by girlfriend

Two years ago, Nygård and Morina bought an apartment together in Grünerløkka in Oslo. The apartment is now for sale with a view next weekend. Price: 5.3 million NOK.

At the same time, in November, they moved into a separate house in Begby in Fredrikstad, a stone’s throw away where the former “Farm” file originated.

The couple had to shell out just under 6.7 million NOK for the house.

The first thing I did when Corona hit was go back to Fredrikstad’s house with Miranda. There was a long summer vacation that made me totally addicted to golf. We have now purchased a detached house located next to the golf course in our town. It couldn’t be better, he laughs.


– A few years ago, it was completely unthinkable for me to turn back, but then I found a girl who surprised me – and then it was simply difficult to turn around.

– very comfortable

So far, it’s Miranda’s boyfriend who has been home on maternity leave and who pretty much “carries the burden” during the day in everyday life.

– But there’s something so unique about coming home from work and seeing a little kid smile, you’re looking forward a little bit to come home from work. And of course it is tiring sometimes with crying at night, feeding, washing bottles, etc. Life is more routine, but it has also taken on a new dimension – for the better. It’s worth it, even if life changes completely.

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Golf viewpoint: Golf lovers Paal Nygård can start the tour practically from the balcony of their new home in Begby in Fredrikstad.  Photo: private
golf view: Golf lovers Paal Nygård can practically start the tour from the balcony of their new home in Begby in Fredrikstad. Photo: private
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His 26-year-old girlfriend totally agrees.

Life as a mom and dad is very comfortable and actually very comfortable. We are fortunate to have a very sweet, kind girl who loves to sleep, she says.

Seller: Paal Nygård and Miranda Morina sell this apartment in Grünerløkka in Oslo.  Image used with permission of real estate firm Schala &  partners.  Photo: Henrik Spursheim
merchant: Paal Nygård and Miranda Morina sell this apartment in Grünerløkka in Oslo. Image used with permission of real estate firm Schala & Partners. Photo: Henrik Spursheim
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– It’s just perfect

– How’s Pal as a father, then?

– When Paal is with us and not at work or on the golf course, he is absolutely perfect. He has become surprisingly good at changing diapers and making strange noises. Alba is his best fan and who always laughs out loud in response. Plus, he’s keen to get her to run fast, so there will be plenty of crawling and walking training. It may disappear when he goes on vacation in December…

they change: In previous seasons of “The Farm”, all the young participants were single. This year there are exceptions, but host Mads Hansen still promises to flirt. Video: Red Carpet / TV 2
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Now the two fingers cross that the apartment in Oslo will soon become a closed classroom.

– We can only hope that things will go well. But there are clearly many passions in working with children and not the least of which is homes in Fredrikstad. We’ve never sold either, so we’re inside and checking ad stats all the time. It is almost a pity for the medium, because he can drive, says Nygård, who still does not feel at peace with his loved one.

– It is not impossible for the courtship to come in the long run, but in this case it should be a surprise, he says and laughs.

He is glad that life has become what it has become.

– If it wasn’t for Miranda, I might still be living in a group. It’s actually not nonsense either, as Dagbladet believes.

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