Fatal disease: – Ignoring the danger signal

Fatal disease: – Ignoring the danger signal

At the beginning of March, primary school teacher Bethany Booth (24), from Wales, began to feel weak.

The 24-year-old had no underlying illnesses and was rarely sick, and so settled on the fact that her symptoms would go away quickly.

Booth suffered from sore throats and headaches, and eventually also discovered red bumps on his face, says Sister Nia Fionn-Davies. BBC.

Death after the operation: – Crushed to pieces

Just then I got worried, and called the emergency phone. The 24-year-old was told it was probably acne.

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– He must have been terribly afraid

Her condition worsened and on March 5 she was taken to hospital in the Welsh town of Llantrisant – with what turned out to be a strep A infection and a collapsed lung.

Shortly thereafter, she developed sepsis (blood poisoning), a life-threatening condition in which the body’s immune system overreacts to infection and damages organs and tissues.

Now the DNA test is ready

Now the DNA test is ready

Bethany Booth is later taken to a hospital in London, where she is placed in an induced coma.

Not long ago, I sent letters to the whole family.

– I wrote to our sister that she thought she was going to die. It surprises me to think she felt that way. She must have been terribly afraid, although she was still in a good mood, her sister Megan Booth tells the BBC.

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Her condition improved dramatically and she was returned to hospital in Llantrisant, Wales.

There again appeared sepsis. On March 31, she died with her family at her side.

Fear of a high electric bill - he died

Fear of a high electric bill – he died

– I grabbed her hand

The family remembers a cheerful and generous young man of 24 years old, who thought first of all about those around him.

– The four of us were with her. Her father, Wayne Booth, told the BBC: We held her hand until she took her last breath.

The family is overwhelmed with all the support they received after the death, both from the local community and on social media. In particular, they would like to thank the doctors and hospital staff.

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It’s not always just a sore throat

Now the family wants to pay more attention to sepsis, which can be a hard-to-detect condition.

Recently, the incidence of streptococcal A infection in the UK has been much higher than normal, resulting in many deaths, particularly among children.

Snuff withdrawal was a fatal disease

Snuff withdrawal was a fatal disease

And according to sepsis, also known as septicemia pocket doctor A life-threatening condition with organ failure, caused by bacteria in the blood.

Typical symptoms are difficulty breathing, blotchy skin and a rash that does not go away.

A sore throat isn’t always just a sore throat, his father, Wayne Booth, concludes.

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