Fear of large-scale layoffs

Fear of large-scale layoffs

Tuesday, October 26 Health Minister Ingvild Kjerkol (Labor) went out to Dagbladet and announced They will develop an expansion plan for mental health work, with funds allocated for the treatment of eating disorders.

Irene Kingswick, General Secretary of the ROS, says – Consultation on Eating Disorders:

– ROS applies for NOK 20 million from the state budget for 2022. Seven million today. With seven million, we have to lay off employees, he tells Dockbladet.

ROS is the nation’s most interested organization in food disorders.

Frustration: Irene Kingswick ROS General Secretary – Consultation on Eating Disorders. She is frustrated by the lack of financial help. Photo: Rose
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Kingswick now fears that the organization will have to cut positions early next year if immediate financial action is not taken.

Distrustful staff

On Tuesday, Health Minister Ingvild Kjerkol sent a clear message after Dagbladet revealed about eating disorders in cross-country skiing. Here she insisted on it The offer for those with eating disorders should be further strengthened, Specialized health care and municipalities.

To meet this need, the current government will develop a new expansion plan for mental health with the funds allocated.

In 2015, the number of trials for ROS was about 3,500. By 2020, the number had increased to 1,0471. Now when the calendar shows up at the end of October, the ROS is up a further 42 percent from the past. Year. These include investigations from the game as well, says Kingswick.

– Our staff are having an incredibly difficult time. New employees are shocked by the intensity of the investigations and the number of inquiries receiving ROS is not small, he tells Dagbladet.

– Talent disappears

Kingswick explains that in recent years ROS has been running the company with the great help of project funds. Many municipalities offer significant assistance, although this varies greatly.

Most of the projects will be completed this year, including the corona funds of the municipalities set aside for use in 2021.

Kingswick believes that if ROS is not strengthened, the opportunity to strengthen the national broader potential will disappear.

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– It is very shocking that the old government is asking us to open a new center for Troms and Finnmark, as well as strengthen our other centers to reduce the waiting list to six months – and that too at a lower gate offer – and then give us the same amount for a whole year. So, what do they think here? Irene tells Kingswick Dogflat.

He believes it is not possible for them to run such an extension with the total amount allocated in the revised budget for six months.

– Kergol refers to increased capacity in municipalities. But who will teach them? To name a few of the municipalities and colleges, we do a lot of work, but unfortunately with very limited resources. We are a talent center in this field and have been for almost 40 years, says Kingswick Dagbladet.

Health Minister Ingville Gerkol tells Dopplet that they are concerned about an increase in eating disorders during corona infections.

– ROS plays an important preventive role by providing counseling, training and guidance to individuals with problematic relationships with body, diet, exercise and emotions. They are an important source of information and advice for many relatives.

– The organization has received support through grant programs from the state budget for many years. With this funding, ROS has operated existing centers. The original proposal submitted by ROS to the Ministry for setting up a new center to develop ROS nationwide was five million kroner. In the budget for 2022, a total allocation of seven million kroner for ROS is proposed, Kjerkol continues.

Fear of dismissal

ROS applied for NOK 20 million from the state budget for 2022. Before the new government presents its additional bill in next year’s budget next Monday, the current plan is seven million.

Horror Number: Dagbladet spoke with 31 female athletes from the junior and elite national teams from the late 1970s to the mid-1980s. Reporter: Marte Nilken Hellset / Doppleted. Video: Bjørn Langsem / Storyblokcs.
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Only seven million, ROS employees should be laid off, Kingswick insists.

Invild Kerkol does not seem to have the same opinion about the state’s offer.

– ROS received overwhelming support in the revised National Budget for 2021. Allocations in the revised national budget are basically non-recurring allocations. Nevertheless, in the state budget for 2022 it is proposed to continue and allocate allocations for ROS, because they are an important contribution to strengthening the lower threshold offer for those with eating disorders, says Kerkol.

In 2020, Dagbladet received an anonymous letter about the pervasive problems in Norway cross-country skiing, which are said to be disruptive eating habits at the upper and lower classes. Many in the community spoke loosely about this. But they are just accusations and personal stories. No one has done research in this field for 16 years.

Was it really that bad? We wanted to inquire. For almost a year, Dagbladet, using new journaling methods, explored the extent of disturbed eating behavior and eating disorders in our national sport of cross-country skiing and biathlon, through hundreds of human encounters.

We have documented X-ray measurements, hormone tests and extensive, verified psychological tests. We have also studied the long-term effects of malnutrition over many years among athletes. Dagbladet has also used specialized technology and the analysis of large amounts of data in search of answers.
What we found did not just confirm the rumors. It was so bad.

The findings are bad, experts say. In the coming weeks and months, we will tell a completely unknown story about the Norwegian National Games – we will document it.

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