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Stephen Ayres, som deltok under stormingen av Kongressen, i sitt vitnemål foran komiteen som gransker stormingen.

Stephen Ayres participated in the storming of Congress on January 6, 2020. An Ohio man had come to Washington, D.C. to fight for Donald Trump.

He returned Tuesday afternoon as a witness before the congressional investigation into the accident.

– I just picked up the phone, but I was there. He said it changed my life.

He says if he had known what he knows now, he would never have gone to Washington. But he says he allowed himself to be seduced.

If Trump asks us to “separate” We weren’t in this horrible situation, said Iris previously.

Stephen Ayres is pictured inside Capitol Hill during a storm on January 6, 2020.

Photo: AP

Trump messages were introduced on Twitter

Stephen Ayres marched with right-wing groups Proud Boys and oath guards on Jan. 6, en route from Trump’s protest march outside the White House to Congress.

He says he thinks it is good to fight with them.

The Storm Investigative Committee is trying to provide evidence of links between former President Donald Trump and the leaders of the extremist groups that led the attack.

They also try to prove that the storm was not a spontaneous act, but a well-planned act, including from the president himself. And that Trump helped create a climate for the use of violence.

During today’s open session, which was the seventh in a row, A number of Trump messages were shown on Twitter.

The announcements were made between December 14, 2020, when states approved their election results, and January 6, 2021, when Congress was calculating states’ results and declaring Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election:

  • December 19: “A big protest in the capital on January 6. Come on, it’s wild! “
  • December 27: “See you in Washington, D.C. on January 6. Don’t miss it. More info to come.”
  • December 30: «6. January, see you in the capital! “
  • January 1: “The big protest came out on January 6. Details about where he is coming to in the capital.” And “The rescue comes on January 6.”

According to the New York Times, the commission obtained a draft of the report, which was published on December 19.

The draft states that they will march on Congress after he (Trump’s editor’s note) gave a “big speech.” There is evidence that Trump planned to lead the march toward Congress, but wanted it to work spontaneously.

Donald Trump wrote several letters inciting his supporters.
Photo: Donald Trump’s Twitter profile

‘Trump got us excited’

I have followed President Trump on all social media. I felt the need to appear in Washington. At the time, I thought the election had been stolen from Trump and plundered, like many others, He told Stephen Ayres.

– The plan wasn’t really to go to Congress, I came to the protest meeting. But the president upset us and I got angry. Iris said a lot of what he said he said on Twitter, so me and the others might have been really pissed off.

Donald Trump will speak at a protest rally against the election result on January 6, 2020, shortly before the storming of Congress begins.

Donald Trump will speak at a protest rally against the election result on January 6, 2020, shortly before the storming of Congress begins.

Photo: Evan Vucci/AP

Jim Watkins, who runs the website 8un linked to the QAnon conspiracy movement, says the same in his own testimony before a congressional committee.

“When the President of the United States of America announced that he was going to organize a protest march, I bought a ticket and left,” Watkins said.

When asked if he thought Trump would walk with them, as he promised in his speech, Stephen Ayres replied: “Yes, I thought so.”

angry with trump

– Did you think that the elections were stolen from Trump? The committee members wanted to know.

– Yes, at that time that was the case, said Stephen Ayres.

– Do you still think so?

– number. I left social media after January 6th and directed myself. All the cases of electoral fraud that were rejected by the courts convinced me.

– Would it make any difference if you knew that Donald Trump has been clearly told there is no evidence of ‘election theft’Principal Detective Jimmy Raskin wanted to know.

Yes, I wouldn’t be here, said Stephen Ayres Cash.

Stephen Ayres, who took part in the January 6 congressional storming, salutes policeman Harry Dunn, who tried to defend politicians.

Stephen Ayres salutes police officer Harry Dunn who tried to protect politicians and the Capitol. Iris took the tour and apologized to all the policemen in the hall.

Photo: Sarah Selbiger/Reuters

The price of loyalty to the president at that time was high.

Eris He was fired by his employer when it was found that he had participated in the attack on the National Assembly. He has had to sell the house, but is happy to keep the family.

– It angers me that he continues to repeat lies about the elections. I believed in him, said Iris, and many people still believe in him.

But One man is not greater than his country.

I had dimples, but I removed them. More people need to take off their blindfolds and find out what happens before it’s too late. I’m afraid of what the future might hold, said Iris.

Stephen Ayres (left) and former District Guards spokesman Jason Van Tatenhoff take the oath before testifying at the Congressional assault hearing.

Stephen Ayres (left) and former District Guards spokesman Jason Van Tatenhoff take the oath before testifying at the Congressional assault hearing.


The leader is described as dangerous

Next to Stephen Ayres sat Jason van Tattenhoff.

Van Tattenhof was the spokesperson for the Oath Keepers group, but he left the “jurors behind”. He described the group and its founder, Stuart Rhodes, as “dangerous”.

On January 6, there were people who believed in armed revolution, Van Tattenhof said.

Oath Keepers consist of many military or police backgrounds. On January 6, they were at their place in the capital. Others stood on standby as a “quick reaction force” in neighboring Virginia. There they also hid weapons and ammunition.

The night before, January 5, Rhodes, the captain of the Oath Keepers, and the leader of the Proud Boys, Enrique Tarrio, met in a DC parking garage.

The Commission has shown surveillance photos from the parking garage and believes that this proves that January 6 was a planned and conspiracy act.

The commission also showed how he led key figures in the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers from the park outside the White House and into Congress. They were also among the first to breach the Capitol.

Proud Boise members Zachary Riehl (left) and Ethan Nordian pictured marching toward Congress on January 6, 2021.

Proud Boys members Zachary Riehl (left) and Ethan Nordian pictured leading the crowd toward Congress.

Photo: Caroline Custer/The Associated Press

Prosecutors say oath guards conspired to besiege the US Capitol

Members of the department’s guards are pictured outside the conference building on January 6.

Photo: Jim Borg/Reuters

Stuart Rhodes – the veteran and captain of the guards of the division – did not join, but phone texts show that he remained in close contact with those inside.

He also shared a “VIP” conversation on Signal with Trump friend Roger Stone, who the congressional committee believes was pivotal in the planning along with Trump’s personal advisor Rudy Giuliani and former security advisor Michael Flynn.

During the hearing, photos of Flynn and Stone were presented with members of the Proud Boys and Oath Keepers.

The Oath Keepers deny having a plan to storm Congress, and the defendants deny guilt.

Trump used

According to a former Oath Keepers spokesperson, Chief Stuart Rhodes’ goal is to lead a paramilitary force in the United States. Many in society consider civil war inevitable.

Van Tattenhof says Rhodes thought he could get what he wanted through Trump and on January 6.

– Van Tattenhof said I’m glad it didn’t get any worse that day, despite the policemen being killed and injured.

Like Iris, he worries about the country’s future.

– I fear for the upcoming elections and the upcoming election campaign. If the president (Trump editor) continues to encourage civil war among his supporters, what happens if he is reelected?

So people should be held responsible for what happened, he says.

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