Fear of the winter crisis: – The authorities propose new measures

Fear of the winter crisis: - The authorities propose new measures

Arrows point in the wrong direction in the UK, as the number of infections and deaths is rising.

43,738 new cases of infection were recorded, Tuesday, an increase of 13.5 percent in one week. In addition, 223 coronavirus-related deaths have been reported. This is the highest number of deaths in a single day since March.

The situation means that the UK now has the highest rates Infection pressure around the world. This is causing great concern among British health authorities, who are now begging the government to take new measures.

Asking the authorities to take action

The high number of cases has put great pressure on the state’s hospitals. Before the weekend, 91 per cent of beds in English hospitals were occupied.

Meanwhile, more than 5.7 million people are waiting for hospital treatment in England alone, according to Watchman.

Long queues and long waiting times suggest that a winter crisis is looming for British hospitals. Director of the British Health Service NHSMatthew Taylor says they’re preparing for “the toughest winter ever.”

Plan B must be implemented immediately to prevent the UK from ending up in a winter crisis. We’re on the verge of collapse — which is mid-October, he says according to The Guardian.

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He adds:

The government cannot wait for a sharp rise in cases and the emergence of pressure on the National Health Service in a missile manner before pressing the alarm button. The government shouldn’t just implement Plan B – it should be Plan B. Plus. We should follow Plan B when it comes to bandages and home office use, but we should also try to avoid national mobilization.

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A spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday that authorities were closely following the infection situation, but that it was not currently appropriate to introduce a Plan B.

We have always known that the coming months will be difficult, he said.

A new boom is spreading

At the same time as infection rates are rising, a new delta species is spreading in the UK. The new mutation called AY. 4.2, it is closely monitored by both health authorities and researchers, who estimate it is 10 percent more contagious than the previous delta variant.

If true, this means that it is the most infectious type of virus detected so far in the pandemic.

– AY. 4.2 The recurrence rate is still relatively low, and an increase of only 10 percent will result in a small increase in the number of cases. Thus, the new virus variant is not the cause of the significant increase in infections in the UK, Professor and Director of the Department at University College London, Francois Ballou, tells Sky News.

The mutants were first discovered in July, and have yet to spread as quickly as the previous delta variant. According to the newspaper, around one in ten people who have recently tested positive for COVID-19 in the UK are infected with the new virus variant.

– But we still have to be careful, says Ballox financial times.

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