Fear that confirmation may be postponed:

Fear that confirmation may be postponed:

The Aurora H. Nonstall (15) family plans to confirm for a year. They have arranged cakes, rental premises, invited guests and more.

But the number of infections is on the rise, and the family now fears that confirmation at Spikest in Ascar should be postponed.

– The closer you get, the more the infection increases. Then the stress in the family also increased, mother Benedict H. Nonstall tells TV2.

In the last 24 hours, the infection is very high, and The FHI reports that the number of victims last week almost doubled compared to last week.

The largest increase in infection is in the age group of 10-19 years, i.e. half of the nonstol family are in the most vulnerable group, with two children aged 14 and 15 years.

– There will be no more confirmation days

The family is concerned about potential new infection control measures, but it has doubled:

Carefully planned: The parents of the confirmed ones, Benedict H. Nonstall and Ole Maris Nonstall, have been preparing for the celebration for a year.

Carefully planned: The parents of the confirmed ones, Benedict H. Nonstall and Ole Maris Nonstall, have been preparing for the celebration for a year. Photo: Private

– We want measures to prevent epidemics in society, but at the same time we will make sure that Benedict H. Says Nanstall.

Last weekend, it was confirmed that the trophy would be playing in the trophy. She had to test herself three times to avoid being isolated. To reduce the chance of infection, the family has introduced temporary measures that they will choose to deal with in the coming weeks.

– There will be many more matches, but there will not be more confirmation days, says Nanstall.

“Training Stop”

Both children, who are generally active in sports, should stay away from exercise and limit social activities until confirmed. According to the plan, it will be organized in a week and a half.

Training Stop: Siblings Jacob (14) and Aurora (15) need to limit social activities and postpone Aurora's commitment.

Training Stop: Siblings Jacob (14) and Aurora (15) control social activities that reduce the likelihood of Aurora’s commitment being postponed. Photo: Private

Aurora thinks she can’t play handball by herself and can’t be much with friends, but she’s so happy she worries it won’t happen. This is a strange situation, says Nanstall.

Aurora’s brother, Jacob H. Nanstall, 14, will be confirmed in the spring of 2022 and will take part in a “training stop” introduced by the family.

– He understands that this is something we need to take into account together now, but he believes this is no longer a topic for May, Mom says.

Can host events

NIPH is not particularly concerned about high infection rates. More than three million Norwegians have been fully vaccinated, so they did not expect this wave to be as bad as before.

Cannot be matched: Nuxstad believes confirmations can still be made until one follows the rules set.

Cannot be matched: Nuxstad believes confirmations can still be made until one follows the rules set. Photo: Perit Rold / NTP

Espen Rostrup Naxstad, assistant director of health, believes that despite the sharp increase in infection, confirmation can still be made.

– If you follow the advice and rules that apply, you can carry out events like this. Most of the participants will be vaccinated, so there is no longer an equal risk for infection. Crowds of young people who have not been vaccinated at parties now have a completely different risk picture.

Smittevernr├ąd to arrange:

  • A maximum of 200 people are allowed to attend a public event.
  • There can be a maximum of 20 people at private events.
  • The room should be very large so that there can be a distance of 1 meter between those who are there. If the room is not enough, the number of people should be reduced.
  • Sick people should not participate, even if there are only mild symptoms.
  • There should be an organizer in charge of events taking place in the public space.

Responsible organizer must:

  • Be responsible for making arrangements so that everyone follows the infection control advice, see the facts below.
  • Have an overview of who they are currently. He or she should have a list of names and phone numbers. This list should then be used in connection with the diagnosis of any infection.
  • Sponsorship weekly events sponsored by universities, colleges and student associations should also have a responsible organizer.

What the private organizer should do:

  • Arrange in accordance with the epidemic control advice, see the facts below. Also get an overview of everyone with a name and phone number. This is especially important in cases where participants such as private parties are already unfamiliar with each other, such as sponsorship weeks. The list should be used after any infectious diagnosis.

– If any of those who attended an event became infected, the corona virus spreads easily, and you can infect many more. This applies to both individual parties and official events. Brun says he fears partying and alcohol will explode as a result of social events that make it harder to follow the rules.

The corona virus can infect you before you get the symptoms, or even before you know you are infected. The virus spreads secretly, and can cause outbreaks that are difficult to control.

Fakta: FHI

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