Fears of Prince Andrew’s wrath

Fears of Prince Andrew's wrath

security staff Prince Andrew (62) He allegedly allowed a woman, disguised as his fiancée, into the grounds of the Royal Lodge – without checking with him first.

New king: Se og Hør’s Royal House expert, Caroline Vagel, on King Charles’ accession to the throne now. Reporter: Marte Nylkken Helseth / Dagbladet TV
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The woman, in her forties, wrote at the security gate last November and said she had a dinner date with the prince. Mirror.

The Dekheila is said to have been allowed in despite the fact that she did not have any form of ID. It should not be examined or any questions asked before it is accepted.

It is also alleged that the security staff should have covered the woman’s taxi bill.

The woman is said to have walked around the property for about 40 minutes. Suspicion did not arise until I entered the building and reported to the police.

Prince at the party: In the wake of allegations of abuse and questions about the friendship of the late Jeffrey Epstein, Prince Andrew said in a new interview that he does not understand how he has been described as the “Prince of the Party”, because he is no longer partying. Pictures of the Prince in Saint-Tropez say otherwise. Photo: Coleman Rayner/Stella Pictures. Cut: Emily Redning
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– I don’t want to bother him

It is said that the reason the security staff allowed the woman to enter was that they were too frightened of the prince’s temper.

Security expert and founder of celebrity security firm Philip Grindell claims to The Mirror that anyone who has worked with Andrew knows how inconvenient it can be.

– The guards were afraid to ask Andrew if anyone would come to visit him. They didn’t want to bother him, so no one asked him, and so he assumed the woman had a deal.

Paul Page, who previously worked as a security guard for the British royal family, claims to have had similar experiences with the 62-year-old and his female visitors.

after grandfather: Observant viewers who watched Queen Elizabeth’s casket as it was carried to Westminster Hall on Wednesday, September 14, were able to see that there were some members of the royal family who stood out.
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According to Page, the staff must have always been “too afraid” to question anonymous visitors, because each time they ended up being flogged by the prince.

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“This is a classic example of what we feared might happen one day,” Page added of the unauthorized guest being let in.

Prince of scandal

Prince Andrew, to put it mildly, is unpopular with the British.

In 2014, a shock wave swept the whole world when the United States Virginia Joffrey (39) She alleged that the prince committed several sexual assaults on her in 2001, when she was just 17 years old. That is, she was a minor under US law.

– gross: A group of Britons speaking to the streets of London, Dagbladet, after Queen Elizabeth’s funeral, are not generous in their criticism of their media.
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Prince Andrew himself expressed his disbelief in the charges against him and claimed that he had never met the woman who accused him of the crimes.

lawsuit It ended with a settlement.

He also made headlines with his relationship with the late Jeffrey Epstein.

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