Federal arrest warrant for Brian Laundry – VG

Federal arrest warrant for Brian Laundry - VG
Wanted: The FBI wants to arrest Brian Laundry as they continue to investigate the murder of their girlfriend, Gabe Pettito.

The FBI wants to arrest Brian Laundry in connection with what happened after the murder of his girlfriend, Gabe Pettito.


The Wyoming FBI has issued a federal arrest warrant for Brian Laundry in connection with the murder of his girlfriend, Gabe Pettito.

Even if the arresting officer gives Laundry the opportunity to arrest, the FBI and those we work with continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the murder. We encourage anyone with information about Laundry’s role, or if they know where it is, to contact the FBI.

Laundry’s attorney writes according to ABC i Florida He believes that the arrest warrant relates to things that happened after Pettito was found murdered, and that it had nothing to do with the murder itself.

AP He writes that someone wants Laundrie arrested for unauthorized use of a credit card. It is not clear who the card belongs to. to me CNN He used the card for more than $1,000 between August 30 and September 1.

Gabi Pettito was found dead on the border of Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming on Sunday.

At that time Brian Laundry became Required as a VIPHe was not considered a suspect.

The case, which began as a disappearance mystery, has received a lot of attention in recent weeks, not only in the United States, but also here in Norway.

Brian Laundry and his Instagram adventure girlfriend Gaby Pettito were on a long drive in the US.

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He disappeared after driving home alone to Florida in the car the couple was driving in early September. The last sign of Gabe Pettito’s life was on August 30, when the police received a text message from her that was considered strange.

Last week, police in Moab, Utah, released a video from their camera attached to the body of a police officer. They had received a call about the possibility of a violent episode between a married couple.

In the video, Pettito is shown crying long and uncontrollable. However, the case did not end with an arrest, but the police decided that the two should live separately the next night.

Here are some key dates in this case:

  • July: Pettito and Londry travel on a road trip from her hometown of Long Island, New York. Then they drove for the first time from Florida. According to the BBC The trip took four months.
  • 12. August: Police arrested the couple in Moab, Utah. One witness reported seeing something that could have been a violent accident in the car. The couple told the police that they were arguing, but no one was violent.
  • 24. August: Pettito talking to his mother in a video chat. She says they travel from Utah to Teton, Wyoming.
  • 25- August: Pettito shares her latest Instagram post: “Happy Halloween,” she wrote, while posing with a pumpkin.
  • 27 – August: Pettito and his mother text each other. The family believes she was in Teton.
  • 30. August: The family received a final message from Gabi Pettito’s phone number: “No coverage in Yosemite,” which is the name of a California national park – 130 miles southwest of Teton, where she was said to have been found dead. The Pettito family does not believe that Gabe sent this message.
  • 1. September: Brian Laundry returns home to North Port, Florida in a couple’s RV.
  • September 11: Pettito’s family in New York reported her missing, as they do not contact her.
  • 14. September: Laundry’s family says this is the last time they saw him. Now it is also missing.
  • 19. September: A person was found dead in Teton, Wyoming. The FBI says the findings agree with Pettito, but they can’t provide 100 percent confirmation until the autopsy is completed.
  • 20. September: Police are searching the Laundry family’s home in Northport.
  • September 21: The Pettito family’s attorney confirmed that Gabe Pettito was found dead in Teton, Wyoming.
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