Felicia (18 years old) was among the dead

Felicia (18 years old) was among the dead

Felicia Folksson, 18, and two of her friends died on Tuesday in a car accident outside Norrköping, Sweden. A memorial procession will be held tonight.

KILLED IN CAR ACCIDENT: Swedish Felicia Folksson (18) and two teenage boys died in a car accident outside Norrköping on Tuesday 21 May. Image: private

I loved Harry Styles and dancing.

Next year I was supposed to “take the student”, which corresponds to the final exam in high school here in Norway.

Then dance teacher Ricardo “Ricky” Gonzalez Vargas (29) was speaking on her behalf. He is now planning a memorial service instead.

– It was absolutely incredible. It is impossible to describe. She's one of the nicest people I've met, he says in a phone interview with VG.

-She made me grow as a person by having her in my life.

Pays tribute to his dead student: Dance teacher Ricardo “Ricky” Gonzalez Vargas (29) is in mourning after his student and friend Felicia Folkson (18) was killed in a car accident. Here the two are pictured at Fuerza Dance Kids' dance studio. Image: private

He has already posted a video on Facebook and TikTok and will appear as himself at the memorial procession.

Watch Felicia's dance in the video below:

Two teenage boys also lost their lives in a car accident. The two surviving young men are still in the hospital, but their condition is stable.

On Friday at 6 p.m., a memorial procession will be held in honor of the three, Vargas told VG.

Mourners: Adults and young people gathered in the courtyard of the Mostorpiskolan school in Skarplaka the day after the accident to pay tribute to the deceased teenagers. Photo: Stefan Gerevang/Aftonbladet

The car caught fire at the scene, and police reported early that a number of people were seriously injured.

– This is really dark. Police spokesman Johnny Gustafson said there are many families who will remember this evening with horror.

-She was a lovely and wonderful person. “I'm just crying,” Vargas said Aftonbladet.

– It was great

Felicia came from Skärblacka and was a member of the dance group Fuerza dance for children Since the age of ten, he continues to be a dance teacher.

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– It was great. You brought so much joy to the group. She was very happy, had a lot of energy and was stubborn and sensitive in a very nice way.

Three killed: The car caught fire after leaving the road. Three teenagers lost their lives in the accident in Norrköping. Photo: Jeppe Gustafsson/Shutterstock

The two met several times a week to practice dancing. She was like a little sister to him, Ricky Gonzalez Vargas told Aftonbladet newspaper.

Felicia Folkson was also a dance teacher for the same group.

-She was a dance teacher with some other girls. You took the job seriously and contributed a lot. Felicia was someone who loved to dance and was passionate about dancing, Gonzalez says.

He emphasizes that the seriousness meant that she was highly respected at the dance school.

Accident Site: Scorched earth is all that remains after the accident. Photo: Stefan Gerevang/Aftonbladet

Planning a memorial video

It is also said that the two deceased boys were very loved. Ricky Gonzalez worked at the school they went to and knew them as well.

– There are wonderful people who died, confirms the 29-year-old.

Aside from dancing and Harry Styles, Felicia was fond of the agave-flavored Red Bull energy drink, according to her dance teacher.

He plans to record a new dance video on Sunday, June 2, in honor of the deceased student.

– I want to do this to pay tribute to her.

He himself will stand in the memorial procession on Friday evening.

The small town outside Norrköping was badly affected by the accident, he told VG:

– Every Skärblacka will cry tonight.

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