Fight for points in Skien/Mjøndalen IF

Fight for points in Skien/Mjøndalen IF

Because we knew that Odd’s recruits would offer us strong resistance in their great room, but a well-executed match both tactically and in terms of effort yielded results.

After an even opener under the sun, it was Odd who scored first when he conceded a free kick from thirty meters out after eight minutes of play. They have a player named Rekdal on the team (who is Thomas, who is Sindre’s son and therefore Kjetil’s nephew), and free kick runs in the family. We should have noticed that too, because the youngster Rykdal sent the ball straight to the crossbar from distance. Target was a pearl result, and we just have to give her credit.

Penalty misses and equalization

Despite being at the bottom of the table, the young MIF2 side did not allow themselves to be dethroned, and were completely level with the hosts for the rest of the half, without scoring a single goal. It also looked ugly five minutes into the second half, when substitute right-back Daniel Skarr ended up on the wrong side of his player in a duel inside his own penalty area, and it all ended with the referee pointing at the penalty mark.

But the odd player probably thought he was still at school, because the backpack was there and the ball went hopelessly wide over the goal to Sondre Svanes Strand. And it was to pay off for Grenlanders, because not long ago MIF2 offered a class transition play.

At first it was Sander Bratfold who won the duel almost in the middle of the field and swept the ball to Simon Appiah, who had oceans of space. However, he chose to pass the ball to Birhat Newar, who sprinted forward and pulled towards the middle of the field. On the 16-meter line, he saw his teammate Youssef Ibrahim break free and thus passed the ball to the Oslo boy. He pulled away from two defenders before safely putting the ball into the goal, and the two teams were level on the score sheet.

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The character eventually appeared

It was difficult at the end with so many players on the field with little football experience, but we managed to stay away. In the end, we also hoped for a winning goal from a transfer, but it was to be 1-1, and the second point of the season could be returned to the Konsto Arena. Although it may not have been so beautiful in the end, we also showed strong personality and mentality. This was something to build on.

MIF2’s next match is set for Saturday 3rd June at the Eik ground, but it may be moved, so keep an eye on the websites and social media for updated information. At home, Vindbjart is the next opponent, and that match starts on Sunday 11 June at 15.00. Don’t hesitate to come to the Conesto Arena and show your support for the hard working guys who are fighting to get out of the relegation zone!

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