May 16, 2022


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Finally, Google is copying these features from Apple

Google has announced a number of operating system improvements that link the Android ecosystem more closely. Many things that Apple has owned for a while.

Google has a lot of improvements on the way

It is good to see that iOS and iPadOS now have many features that Google has to work on to get them back, for many years it was iOS that lacked many of the smart Android features.

There are many practical improvements, but let’s start with “Fast Pair” which is a framework and interface improvement that makes it easier to pair Bluetooth devices. In addition, it will automatically switch between devices, and the pairing will be faster with Android and Google TV.

‘Quick pairing’ also comes to home equipment by utility The material standard we mentioned earlier:

Wear OS 3 will be able to unlock Android phones and Chromebooks

Here’s another improvement Apple has been making for a while: If you have a Wear OS 3 or later smartwatch, the watch can unlock Android phones and Chromebook laptops. According to Google, this feature will be launched in a few months.

As The Verge points out, only the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has the operating system inside.

Some features will come in a few weeks, others in a few months, and there are some that won’t appear until later this year.

But there’s more, because Windows laptops from Acer and HP also take part in this in the form of the “Its Better Together” program. Thus users will be able to use Quick Pairing, sync messages and take advantage of Android’s Nearby Sharing feature. Yes, Google Play Games will also be available on Windows.

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All this reminds us a bit of Intel’s initiative to get Apple will support iPhone in Windows.

With Android and Chromebooks, in fact, any messaging app on Chromebooks will be mirrored, and the “Camera Roll” in the “Phone Hub” will make it easy to transfer photos from mobile only to Chromebooks.

In addition to all of this, Chromebooks get a new installation wizard if you have an Android mobile phone — if you pair them before installation, settings and account information will be automatically installed on your Chromebook.

Android for “Spatial Audio”

There’s more: Bose speakers and soundboards will get Chromecast support in the coming weeks, not least “spatial audio,” or 3D audio if you want with head tracking, coming to Android. Apple AirPods Pro and Max have had this for a while. The new AirPods 3 also have .

Finally, Google is working on UWB resolution (Samsung and Pixel 6 Pro phones so far) for cars. BMW is the number one partner, as is Apple.