Finally, they removed the requirements for Facebook – ITavisen

Finally, they removed the requirements for Facebook - ITavisen

If you have an Oculus/Meta headset, your Meta has finally decided that you don’t need a Facebook account.

It is expected to be the most important Mita headset next year

Alternatively, you can sign in with a Meta account that is not connected to the social network next month.

Your Meta account is not a social media profile; It allows you to log into your VR devices and view and manage your purchased apps in one place. In the future, we will extend the functionality of the Meta account so that you can use it to sign in to other Meta devices.


Meta lists three privacy modes according to what others can see:

  • open to all
  • friends
  • family
  • single

As part of these privacy settings, you have the option to set your Meta Horizon profile to private, which means you will be asked to review and approve friend requests. If you select this option, only your followers will be able to see who you are following and who is following you. Remember that people who don’t follow you will still be able to see your profile picture, avatar, username, display name, number of followers, and the number of people you follow. People can also still search for your name or username and send you requests.


You can connect to Facebook if you want to

It’s still a link to the base Meta product: You can add your Meta account from Account Settings to “unlock connected experiences via Meta technologies – like finding Facebook friends, playing in VR, or to be able to send messages on Messenger. If you don’t want to use a Facebook or Instagram account In VR, there’s no need for that.”

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This is just the beginning of an account that will be able to log into a number of devices from the Meta, that is, without the need to have anything related to Facebook. It’s an interesting sign in and of itself.

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