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If there is one room that has become very important to many in recent years, it is the home office. It is no longer a trend, it has become as everyday life has become.

Just as for your office space, your home office needs practicality and functionality Home furniture Good work day.

Furniture for your office or workstation?

The space you have will be crucial to the solutions you choose. Some have a separate room. Others use a room for two purposes, such as a bedroom that serves as a work room during the day. The third solution is to create a small workstation at home, for example in the living room, kitchen or hallway. The possibilities and solutions are many. Simply find the desk, chair, any storage solutions that work for you and the space you have.

In addition to the good functionality, the design and style you have in the house will also play a role. This is especially important when the furniture is clearly visible in the living room or other living spaces in your home.

Here are some good tips for you when choosing a desk, office chair and storage solutions.

Choosing a desk for the home office

The type of business tasks you have to solve will matter when it comes to choosing an office. Do you need space for two or three monitors or just a laptop? Do you want a desk with shelves and/or drawers for storage?

If you’re going to make yourself a work hook, it can be practical and cute if the desk isn’t too dominant and matches the style elsewhere in the room.

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The possibilities, as you can see, are many. Here are some of them:

  • Desk with wheels makes it easy to move.
  • A wall-mounted desk that can be folded after office hours.
  • Work table that adjusts to the corner.
  • Understand where you can place the table top of your choice.

Have a healthy working position

Although you should remember to get up and stretch several times during the workday, it is easy to sit still for a long time without moving. If you have the space, a raised and lowered desk with the opportunity to work sitting and standing is a good thing for the body.

The adjustable desk is happily comfortable. You can see the height at which you are sitting or standing in a comfortable position with low shoulders and your hands can rest on the table surface. But the sitting position of course also depends on a good chair.

Find the chair that fits your body

The body should never be adjusted to an office chair. On the contrary, the chair should fit your body. It’s like buying shoes. If the shoe is really sore and wrong the first time you try it on, there is a good chance that it will be uncomfortable to wear. The shoe doesn’t necessarily fit, and the chair probably doesn’t fit either.

A good tip is to check if the office chair is ergonomically designed before you go shopping.

How to check the office chair

You should take care of this when purchasing an office chair.

  • You feel well seated and relaxed.
  • Feel free to find a chair that is easy to adjust in height.
  • Make sure your foot is fully on the floor when sitting. Put a footstool under your feet if you have to sit higher because of the height of your desk or workbench.
  • The hips should not be lower than the height of the knee, but preferably a little higher.
  • You feel that the seat does not put pressure on the back of the knees.
  • A chair with armrests of a suitable height allows you to relax your shoulders.
  • An office chair that can swing with wheels, making it easier for you to maneuver away to a shelf, or go down stairs, etc. without bending wrongly.
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Arrange shelves, drawers, and cupboards

With a tidy desk, it can be easier to focus, and you’ll quickly find what you’re looking for. If you have an office corner in the living room, then the storage solution should be combined with the rest of the interior. Certain cupboards and shelving solutions are also excellent room dividers.

If you have a room designated as a home office, it can be functional with a desk with built-in cabinets, drawers, and/or shelves. With a bulletin board, practical boxes and baskets to store small and large, some pictures on the walls and a green plant, you’ve created a good room for focus and creativity.

Home office furniture from vidaXL

You don’t have to spend time and effort visiting furniture stores and specialty retailers to find what you need for your new home office. in vidaXL You will find everything you need for furniture for a functional workplace, and other than that everything you may need for interiors and other objects and pliers for your home.

With a flexible ordering system, it only takes a few days from the time the goods are ordered until they arrive at your door. Everything you order from vidaXL is delivered completely without shipping costs.

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