Find out what Apple’s new revolution might look like – a secret project that integrates the iPad and MacBook

Find out what Apple's new revolution might look like - a secret project that integrates the iPad and MacBook

Early last week, an analysis was conducted indicating that Apple was in the process of developing a foldable device with a 20-inch screen. This should be the kind of MacBook/iPad hybrid of the future, according to Apple expert Mark Gurman at Bloomberg.

Can be used as a screen

Such a device would be several years after its possible launch, but it was announced that Apple was largely interested in the project. Among other things, they will already be in talks with potential suppliers of components and other resources that will be devoted to the development of such a collapsible or collapsible unit.

It was DSCC analyst Ross Young who first announced the news, which means Apple could create an entirely new product category for itself, with the 20-inch device. It can be used for two main purposes in particular: as a compact computer with a full-size keyboard, and as a monitor when not folded, in the case of an external keyboard.

Interferes with car launch and AR/VR goggles

It looks like the launch schedule will be as early as 2025, possibly after 2026 and 2027.

And so Gurman teamed up with Young to say the 20-inch foldable is already in development. It’s also believed to be a kind of hybrid between the MacBook and iPad, where you can use a physical keyboard if you like, or you can use one side of the device as a virtual keyboard.

If Apple chooses to launch such a product around 2026, it will then overlap with a number of other exciting products from the company, including the Apple car and AR/VR glasses.

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