June 9, 2023


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Fine weekend weather, but sea fog lurks in the background

Enjoy the weekend, on Monday the fun may end.

This weekend you can probably get a taste of summer in Smålungeren.
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– It looks like it will be good weather this weekend in Bergen and the surrounding area, says the meteorologist on duty at Weather Forecast Western Norway, Per Egil Haga.

During the day on Friday, it finally dawned both in Bergen and in the rest of the county, and with the sunrise also came pleasant temperatures.

In Vossavangen, the most fortunate offer, which faced a temperature rise to 19.3 degrees during the day. In Sørfjorden they were a little behind with a 19.2 measure. At the Florida measurement station, the highest temperature was measured at 16.5 during Friday.

But summer weather doesn’t take a weekend off like most others, according to the Haga meteorologist.

It can cross 20 degrees

– There is high pressure controlling large parts of southern Norway now. We get a lot of the same weather this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday.

The temperatures will also remain at a good level, and it can also give a real taste of summer.

Saturday at 2 pm, according to forecasts.

– We’ll probably get some places past the magical 20 mark, so we can have a summer day! If it doesn’t happen in Bergen, it probably won’t be far away, says Haga.

Anyway, it is believed that the temperature may rise to 17 or 18 degrees in Bergen this weekend.

Forecasts say Sunday will likely be the warmest day of the weekend. However, there is one factor that puts sticks in the wheel for a summer weekend.

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Sea fog threatens

The fog caused problems for sea and air traffic on Friday morning. According to Haga, the fog is easily formed in the meeting between the high temperatures we have witnessed in recent days and the cold sea air.

Perhaps that was the reason why the temperature in the city was not so high on Friday.

– There is likely to be a risk of fog on the coast in the next few days, which may shift slightly to the fjords. It’s more relevant earlier in the day, says the meteorologist, and the risk is probably slightly greater on Sunday than on Saturday.

On Saturday, the north wind will rise, and it may blow a fresh breeze on the coast. Haga explains that wind means fog does not form easily. However, he couldn’t rule out that it could move towards the mountain area and affect the temperature.

“There will be fine weather both days with plenty of sunshine, but with a delay in the sea haze that lurks in the snow drifts in the background,” says Haga.

On Friday morning, the fog was thick over Junoon.

Low pressure will arrive on Monday

On Monday, the fun may end for this time.

Haga says the high pressure will weaken, and the low pressure to the north will start moving over the province and the mountainous region.

– There will be more gray and rainy weather, but also lower temperatures. In the transition from Sunday to Monday, he says, comes a change to a slightly wetter and cooler period.