Finn got food poisoning from potatoes

Finn got food poisoning from potatoes

Finn Svarjavtavtet developed severe food poisoning when he ate fresh potatoes that had turned green on Saturday.

– I’ve had food poisoning before, so I recognized it. Your stomach boils, you vomit and you have diarrhea. Now I also have real pain in my stomach. I had a fever and the next day my bed was completely wet with sweat, he told Dagbladet.

He was sick for about two days.

she was Sanddefjords Blad Who first mentioned potato food poisoning.

It got bad: Finn Svarjavtavt says he contracted food poisoning last Saturday. For dinner, he inadvertently ate potatoes that had turned green. Photo: private.
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– Requires large quantities

Pia Gulbrandsen, director of communications at Bama Gruppen AS, told Dagbladet that toxins can form in potatoes that are exposed to light and heat for a long time.

If you eat large amounts of green potatoes, it can be dangerous to your health, but tests show that you have to eat 3-4 kg of green potatoes to get sick, she said.

– In any case, we recommend consumers to return green potatoes to the store so that you can get a new bag of the right quality. Gulbrandsen adds.

On a Saturday evening last week, the Finn was supposed to make his own dinner – slices with brown sauce and potatoes. At home in Sandefjord, Svartvadet has an open solution for the living room and kitchen, and while he’s cooking dinner, Svartvadet has been following the news on TV.

I did not see her

What were called “Norwegian new potatoes” were in a sealed bag, so that the potatoes could not be seen through the bag.

It doesn’t take much brainpower to prepare this dinner. I cut the bag and threw two pieces of potatoes into the pot. Then I prepared the brown sauce that I poured and ate dinner, Svartvadet told Dagbladet.

Svartavetet grew up on a potato farm.

He says not eating poisonous green potatoes was one of the first things I learned as a kid.

However, he was oblivious this time.

But potatoes don’t just have some green spots.

The potatoes were dark green. All the potatoes in the bag were the same green, says Svargavert.

Contains a nerve agent

“When potatoes are exposed to sunlight and artificial light, they turn green and form the neurotoxic substance solanine,” he writes. Bramat.

The neurotoxic solanine is dangerous to both humans and animals.

Green potatoes should not be eaten, the Norwegian Food Safety Authority warns and advises eliminating green potatoes.

on me Matportalen they write Toxins called glycoalkaloids collect in the same places as chlorophyll – that is, the color green.

Finn Svarjavtavt fears that Bama, which supplies potatoes, has delivered the bad potatoes to many stores in the country.

Completely green: All the potatoes in the bag turned green.  Photo: private.

Completely green: All the potatoes in the bag turned green. Photo: private.
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– He doesn’t like heat

Potatoes cannot turn green in the bag. The reason potatoes turn green is because they get light. This is Bama’s mistake. They know it’s dangerous, Svargaftet says, and it’s a nerve agent that potatoes develop.

So he thinks the potatoes were green when Bama packed them.

On the other hand, Bama told Dagbladet that their potatoes are harvested, packed and distributed within a day.

Potatoes do not like light and heat, and the right temperature is what says most about the quality. Therefore, it is stored cool and dark for a short time with us. We advise shops to have a lower temperature and less light where the potatoes are. Plus, it’s important to ensure good rolling, so potatoes that have been kept longer are sold first, says Gulbrandsen.

Usually the Finn watches the Svarjavtavt potatoes carefully. From now on, he will look closely at the potatoes.

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