Finnish corona virus – Finnish corona crisis:

Finnish corona virus - Finnish corona crisis:

The Finnish newspaper wrote that the number of intensive care patients increased in Finland during the fall Evening newspapers.

According to the newspaper, data from Friday shows that 36 people were admitted to the intensive care unit in the country, while there were still 19 patients on September 20.

Katerina Rautjärvi is a specialist in anesthesia and intensive care at the Päijät-Sote Hospital in Lahti. He says Evening newspapers That after a year and a half, the battle against Corona is not over yet.

The nurses had to perform tasks for which they had no training. He wrote that in the intensive care unit and elsewhere in the health care system, they are overwhelmed.

– We can no longer. writes I’m tired.

There are very few places for the number of intensive care patients, so many of them will have to be moved to longer distances and wards. The doctor says it is dangerous.

On Facebook, write in one trusses The situation is unsustainable for both nurses and doctors.

The intensive care physician blames, among other things, that there are too few willing to be vaccinated and that the number of patients admitted for vaccination can be reduced.

Report: Camilla Stoltenberg talks about what could have been done better during the Corona epidemic after a new report from the National Institute of Public Health. Video: Dagbladet / Frank Karlsen, Reporter: Frode Andresen
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– Increases

Frode Forland, director of infection control and emergency preparedness at FHI, says the Finnish Institute of Public Health has reported seeing an increase in infections among young adults after the summer.

– This may be due to the spread of the Delta virus and the reopening of society. After an increase in infection, there is usually an increase in the number of admissions after a few weeks. Maybe that’s what we’re seeing in Finland now, he says.

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Expert: Frode Forland at FHI. Photo: Hans Arne Vedlog / Dagbladet
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He thinks there is no worrying increase in Finland now.

– In total, 36 inpatients are not very many. Finland has been on par with Norway throughout the pandemic and now it’s a little over, but not by much. We see that they had a number of vaccinator-related infections. They are a little behind when it comes to vaccine coverage.

In total, throughout the pandemic, they estimate that they have infected about five percent of the population. In Norway, we estimate we have about six percent, says the director.

In Norway, 53 patients were admitted last week and there were eight patients in the intensive care unit.

– In Norway, we are now seeing two different groups being hospitalized. Half are younger and unvaccinated and most of the elderly who are admitted are fully vaccinated and have an underlying disease. Those who have not been vaccinated are five times more likely to be accepted.

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