Finnish Energy Drink | One can sold for NOK 2,500: – Difficulty drinking

Finnish Energy Drink |  One can sold for NOK 2,500: – Difficulty drinking

On, there is one active ad for a can of energy drink. The advertised price for a can of soft drink is NOK 2,500.

It’s a Monster Ultra Citron energy drink.

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Nettavisen spoke to the seller. He says that it was this taste that got him addicted to energy drinks. According to the seller, the flavor disappeared from the market for a while, before he found it again before Christmas in 2021.

– I found a store full of shelves, so I bought five or six pieces. I would have enjoyed it, but as I drank, I realized there was no more in store. Then it became hard to drink, he says.

Then he went to and saw that someone sent him for NOK 3000.

– I thought then that if I could sell it for a few thousand, it would be worth it.

The seller posted the ad a little over a week ago.

– So far I have had one order, but she only asked how many I had. When I said I stayed single, I heard nothing more.

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He won’t come back

– It’s incredibly nice that people love the products we have, that we have, on the market from Monster Energy. The energy category is growing, and news is a significant contributing factor to this growth. Precisely for this reason, some varieties will be discontinued, while other exciting flavors will be added to the range, says Henrik Aas, portfolio manager of energy drinks at Coca-Cola Europacific Partners Norway, which distributes Monster Energy in Norway.

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This year, he adds, they’ve launched two new sugar-free brands, and more are to come.

– As far as we know, Monster Energy has no plans to relaunch Monster Citron in the Norwegian market.

However, when Nettavisen contacts Monster Energy directly via the contact form on their website, the story is different:

– We’re sorry you’re having problems finding Ultra Citron. It may be available in limited quantities in some regions. Please ask the store manager to order the product from the distributor if you don’t see it on the shelves, they reply.

Nettavisen again contacted Norway’s Coca-Cola, which says the product is not available:

– Neither in Norway nor in other markets as far as we can see.

– one from the past

The seller says it’s the last time he left.

– I saved it. It’s hard to drink when I know it’s probably one of the last drinks in the world, and it may never come back.

The seller goes on to say that even when the energy drink was on sale, only certain stores had it on the shelves.

– It’s much better than anything else on the energy drink market.

But do you think you can sell it for NOK 2,500?

– I do not believe. When you look, for example, at influencer Oscar Westerlin’s bowls and the prices they go for in Finn, the little ones can put pressure on their parents and so the prices go up exponentially. Here, there are probably some older folks out there who like the taste, so I don’t think I’ll get this price for the box, says the seller.

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A little over two weeks ago, there was another active announcement of Monster Ultra Citron. Attempted to sell it for NOK 3,000. After Nettavisen connected, this advertisement was deactivated. It is not clear whether this is because they were sold or drunk.

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