November 30, 2022


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Brann Førde Ungdomsskule

Fire at Førde Junior High School – NRK Westland

The exterior of the building was fully engulfed in flames when firefighters arrived.

– It’s visually broken, says Haljir Hamre, principal of Forte Junior High School.

When the firemen arrived at the school today, they were putting out the fire.

– Oda Elvegård Thorstad, head of police investigations, says that someone suspects arson due to the circumstances.

Thorstad says they’ve received tips about who was behind it, but don’t suspect the fire is connected to previous fires in Forte. Recently, one person was set on fire A toilet in a shopping center in the city.

The fire at the school is said to have started from two wildfires and spread to parts of the school building. A fire in one of the boilers caused major damage.

– Then you can imagine how the two fire brigades at the junior high school can catch fire, says fire chief Bernhard Oberg in Sunfjord.

No teaching

The headmaster had to send a message to parents and staff that the school was closed today as the fire department worked to extinguish and ventilate the school.

– I hope there is no major damage, the headmaster said in the morning.

But the school has suffered major damage and 307 students are expected to stay home today because of the fire.

The principal doesn’t know when the school will reopen, but fears students won’t be able to return until the weekend.

Barricade: After the fire incident, the Municipal Corporation and Fire Department have rushed to the spot.

Photo: Oddmund Reisæter Haugen / NRK

Discovered by passersby

At 04.24 hours last night, the fire department extinguished the fire with 15 people after receiving information about the fire accident from the passers-by.

– We raised the alarm and took it very seriously from the first second, says Øberg.

Firefighters brought the fire under control and opened the walls of the school to prevent the fire from spreading.

Trond Landås of 110 West also would not speculate on the cause of the fire. But say it’s not often that multiple places catch fire at the same time.

Their rush to the scene was decisive to prevent the entire school from being engulfed in smoke.

– We were notified very quickly, we tackled the fire relatively quickly, but there is a lot of smoke and fire damage, says Øberg.

Fire cheat

Boss fire: Burnt boss bucket and a plate still lying after the fire.

Photo: Sander Eide Aase / NRK

– Police officer Jørgen Fuglestad says it is natural that the police should investigate the case.

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