January 30, 2023


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Fire at warehouse in Lena in Østre Toten – NRK Innlandet – Local news, TV and radio

The emergency services received information about a fire in an industrial building belonging to Selmer Utvikling in Lena, Østre Toten, at around 4pm on Monday.

– Some parts of the building are fully engulfed, Stik Folstad Hansen, operations manager at the Inlanded Police District, told NRK.

A warehouse building with a cold room was gutted. The office building sustained minor smoke damage. A damage agency is on site overnight Tuesday and the building can be put back into use.

The main activity of the factory is the production of soft fried onions for large households and grocers.

Just before 7 p.m., the fire service said the fire was still burning, but they had brought it under control.

Fire under control: Firefighters reached the spot and worked to prevent the fire from spreading.

Photo: Oyvind Carter / Oyvind Carter

They were involved in preventing the spread

Eric Johansen, duty manager at 110 Center Innlandet, said crews from the Gjøvik and Toten fire services arrived at the scene on Monday evening.

– It’s next to several buildings, so they’re working hard to limit it to the wooden building that’s on fire right now, Johansen says.

At 5.30pm, parts of the building collapsed, operations manager Stig Folstad Hansen said.

– The operations manager said that the risk of spread has decreased, but it is still burning very well and they are still working to prevent the spread.

Firefighters completed the extinguishing operation at 01.30.

Fire at a potato factory in Lena, Østre Toten.

Multiple Buildings: There was a risk of fire spreading to other buildings within a short time.

Photo: Yvind Carter / Yvind Carter

No one was reported to be inside the building when the fire broke out.

The cause of the fire is currently unknown.

Further processing: Selmer Woodwickling is based in Totton and deals with product development and further processing of vegetables.

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