Fire Constable Jaran Nortstrand recently rescued two people from a steep toggogelet.

Fire Constable Jaran Nortstrand recently rescued two people from a steep toggogelet.

– This is the most dramatic part. It was dark, wet, and steep when we were there.

Firefighter Jaran Nordstrand describes the rescue operation that took place on Saturday, October 16, two weeks ago. This was his first encounter with the steep part Tokagjelet.

The two men in their 20s fell 25-35 meters on a steep slope. People fell from a wall, which saw very good days Hordaland Folkeblad, Who was the first to mention the case.

At the time, Bergen was one of the first rescue workers from the fire brigade to fly by fire constable air ambulance.

– It was so dark, Nortstrand says I didn’t see much of the surrounding area.

Nevertheless, he quickly understood the seriousness of the situation.

Comprehensive action: Several agencies had to contribute to the rescue of two people from Tokakgelet. Photo: Bergen Fire Brigade.
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– Challenge to the rescue team

He and another rescue worker joined firefighters in Guam to begin the rescue operation. Notch in the Heel came to the aid of the USAR team (Urban Search and Rescue).

– I enjoyed incredibly good collaboration between the different groups on the site. The fire brigade, the police and the health department put in a good effort and it paid off.

Tobacco gel has many rough terrain, which can make it difficult for rescue operations to continue. There is a dam at the end of the LongwoodNewnet before the waterfall starts. If the water is high, it flows up and down at different levels with dangerous speeds.

– Going on challenging terrain is steep and difficult. Tough access will be a challenge for the rescue team, says Nortstrand.

The infamous area is located on County Road 7 between Guamskogen and Norheimsund.

Find: Police have found a boat near the waterfall in Tokakgelet associated with the three missing persons.
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Good practices

Everyone working on such rescue operations should think about their own safety and use all resources.

– Make the best use of the resources on site and use the sophisticated expertise available for operation, as quickly and safely as possible, with the best results, says the firefighter.

Although he describes it as a wet and steep area, Nortstrand never felt that he was in danger during the mission.

– We keep our practices with safety in mind, our action at that time was good and safe.

Dangerous: Rescue workers had to go down to rescue both men.  Photo: Bergen Fire Brigade.

Dangerous: Rescue workers had to go down to rescue both men. Photo: Bergen Fire Brigade.
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After the team had the right resources, it only took 20-30 minutes for the two to return to safe ground.

If they had fallen into the river, the effect would have been completely different.

It must have gone well with two unfortunate men, According to BA, Who mentioned the case.

Special training is required

To participate in such demanding rescue operations, the team must have completed several courses and must have passed the check-out.

– In this type of operation, it is rope rescue, which is a rope-based rescue method, as well as stretcher rescue in steep mountains and rough terrain, the rescuer says.

In addition, the Bergen Fire Brigade needs many more to be part of the USAR team.

Today, another major rescue operation is underway in the same area after three people and a dog with a dog were swept away by the current in the river at Tokakgelet at 9pm on Sunday.

Nortstrand knows many of those who helped with the rescue operation today.

– I hope those who are there will do a better job, he says.

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