Firefighting, Fire Service | Controlled combustion of the cabin

Firefighting, Fire Service |  Controlled combustion of the cabin

At 20.07 the police received information that a cabin was completely engulfed in flames at Skammestein in Øystre Slidre. When the message arrived, the cabin was on fire.

According to the police, the fire started as a pipe fire and then it was contained.

Four people were in the cabin when the fire broke out and all quickly got out on their own, said Christian Bijanes, operations manager at the Inland Police District.

Controlled combustion

Around 10.30 pm, a controlled burn of the cabin was underway.

– We received a message at 20.07. The news is that it was completely ignited and the pipe caught fire. There were four people in the cabin and the message went to all emergency services. Valdres Fire and Rescue was the first on the scene and all four got out safely, Police Chief Tina Hogg tells OA’s reporter at the scene.

When the OA reached the spot around 9.30 pm, the cabin was still fully engulfed in flames.

– As you can see, the cabin is completely engulfed in flames, and now it’s actually a controlled burn, Hawke says.

Take care of your health

No risk of transmission.

– There are no rooms inside and the fire service is controlling the fire very well, Hogg says.

All four people in the cabin were treated by the ambulance service and police. They don’t want to talk to OA.

– All four in the cabin have been checked out by ambulance and are being followed by emergency services, says the mission leader.

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Open flames

Valdrey’s Fire and Rescue Service fire chief, Laila Lien Ostgaard, told OA that the first unit from the fire service was there just after 8:30 p.m.

– There were open flames on arrival. The first message I received in the city indicated high ignition, she said.

Østgård said the first unit has started extinguishing and three more are coming in addition to the police and the health department.

Kristian Bjaanes, Operations Manager at Innlandet Police District, told OA at 21:00 that the police were present.

– The shutdown is underway, he told OA.

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