Firewood is much cheaper

Firewood is much cheaper

Now electricity prices are completely rising! On Friday morning, electricity cost more than Kronen per kilowatt-hour to consumers in southern Norway.

The pure spot rate is NOK 1.53 per kWh in southern Norway on Friday 17 September. With network rent and fees, this gives prices in excess of 2 kroner per kWh. It is the highest ever at this time of year.

Obviously cheaper

The price of firewood has also increased in recent years, but it is still by far the cheapest source of energy.

If you buy firewood in larger quantities – 1,000-liter bags or pallets, the price is just over krone per kilowatt, Norsk Farm writes in a press release. In other words, heating can cost about half what you pay for electricity. If electricity prices go up more, the savings will be higher.

When Dinside wrote about it wood fire cost In 2019, it turns out that a bag of 1,000 liters of wood will provide the equivalent of 1,300 kWh of heat when we consider both the air in the bag and the efficiency of a typical wood stove. The prices for firewood of course vary around, but a quick price check (September 17, 2021) shows that you can count on prices around a thousand kronor for 1000 liters if you pick up the firewood yourself, which gives you a kilowatt-hour price. About 80 microns if we ignore the retrieval cost.

It is suggested to remove the requirements

However, the government has sent a suggestion that there are no requirements for a chimney in new homes.

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Wood burning is the only thing that always provides heat, even when the power is off. In addition to comfort, there is a great readiness, as well as good financial resources for families. If it doesn’t continue to be a norm, says Brede Børud, Norsk Varme’s chairman, only those with good advice will get a fireplace in the home of the future.

He wants a national ban

Earlier this year, we wrote that Norsk Varme, the industry organization for eco-friendly stoves, He wants a national ban Against burning wood in old stoves to reduce emissions.

They noted that more than 40 percent of Norwegian homes have an old stove in use, according to figures from Norstat.

According to Norsk Varme, Norway and Scandinavia are also at the forefront of developing the world’s cleanest stoves, which provide a significant reduction in the amount of airborne dust.

At the same time, they believe that wood burning is essential in terms of emergency preparedness, as many Norwegians have no other alternatives other than using electricity, and because of the capacity of electricity.

As electricity is now priced, wood burning is also the cheapest heating option.

can be sold

Nations Today’s reports indicate that higher electricity prices have accelerated timber sales.

We’re still expecting some home office use this winter, a little more early with the corona. So if it’s cold, we expect higher than normal demand for the cold winter. Then it might be a blank of Norwegian wood again, Oslo’s Sveinung Moesgaard Skjesol tells Vedsentral for the newspaper.

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Building materials chain Obs Bygg has ordered nearly 2 million bags of firewood and nearly 400,000 boxes of heating briquettes, thus preparing for the winter season with high demand.

publishing service short trip Reports suggest that demand is high during the day, and they envision selling twice as much as they did last year.

Are you struggling to light a fire in the fireplace? Here’s how you can get fired quickly:

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