First color image released from the depths of the universe from the “James Webb” space telescope – NRK Trøndelag

Dette fra NASA viser galaksehopen SMACS 0723, fanget av James Webb-romteleskopet

US President Joe Biden has the honor of providing a unique image from the depths of the universe.

In a live stream on NASA TV, Biden was able to provide the first color results from the telescope, which has high expectations from astronomers around the world.

U.S. President Joe Biden was credited with providing a unique image from the depths of the universe on Tuesday, Norway time.


Through the “James Webb” glasses, humanity gets the chance to see things we could never see before.

A brand new space telescope can see further than any other instrument, and see the dawn of time.

in space

Description of “James Webb” in space. Yellow glass is made up of 18 hexagonal segments.

Credit: Adriana Manrique Gutierrez/NASA GSFC/CIL

See the first galaxies

“James Webb” captures light in the infrared spectrum. Infrared light is also called thermal radiation. Since the universe’s infancy, 13 billion years ago, only infrared light has reached our solar system.

The super telescope can see what happened 200 million years after “The Big Bang” when the universe began. That means it can look back to when the first galaxies formed.

Shows the evolution of the universe

NRK spoke to astrophysicist Håkon Dahle at the University of Oslo shortly before the “James Webb” was launched in December last year.

For Dahle, the images from the space telescope become important for further research.

– Dahle told NRK that it can give us the story of how the universe evolved, from stars burning to today.

Together with colleagues from several countries, he will try to figure out what happened when the first stars appeared 10 billion years ago.

The James Webb Space Telescope primary mirror

The mirror for “James Webb” is 6.5 meters in diameter and made of the metal beryllium.

Photo: NASA

Expensive binoculars

The road ahead for the “James Webb” Space Telescope is tough and long. The development of the hyper-advanced telescope took 25 years.

In the first plans, the launch of the telescope was supposed to take place as early as 2007. After that, the launch was postponed several times.

The cost is very high, and the total cost of the telescope is now estimated at NOK 100 billion.

The James Webb Telescope’s Long Journey into Space

The space telescope is a collaboration between NASA, the European Space Agency and ESA.

On the first day of Christmas Day last year, the telescope was finally launched. The journey to the destination took almost a month.

After complex maneuvers on its way to space, “James Webb” found its place 1.5 million kilometers from Earth.

More photos to come

The telescope now travels in a small orbit around what is now known as Lagrange point 2. At this point, the gravitational pull from the Sun and Earth balances out, allowing the “James Web” to hold its position.

The time since the Space Telescope’s appearance this winter has been spent fine-tuning and calibrating the instruments.

The color images of “James Webb” have been a well-kept secret until now. few Solid color test images February and March were notified regarding calibration of instruments.

But now more amazing films are expected. Few professionals have seen color films touched On top of what they saw.

Now the rest of the world will see this too. At 1630 on Tuesday, NASA will release the first color images of one Own website.

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