Fisherman, ocean hunter | Threatened with bankruptcy: Completely destroyed after the door was dented

Fisherman, ocean hunter |  Threatened with bankruptcy: Completely destroyed after the door was dented

Defunct electric car maker Fisker now faces more challenges. The manufacturer itself stated that there was limited opportunity for service, and this had serious consequences.

When someone hit Joey Waner's car while its door was open, the damage appeared minor, according to the website Carscopes. But less than a month later, the insurance company deemed the electric SUV doomed.

This means that the insurance company believes that it is not financially profitable to repair the car after a collision or other damage.

– One day the car is fine, the next day a new warning light flashes or beeps. Wanner said it was frustrating to pay a lot of money for a car and then feel inconvenienced every time you used it.

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Less than 10,000 NOK

The insurance company found two problems after the accident with the door. Superficial damage to the door, and a broken hinge.

The first estimate to repair the damage was $910.

Both components proved difficult to purchase due to parts shortages. Wanner also noted that Fisker was not very helpful.

“Getting any answers or help from them is impossible,” she wrote on a Facebook group for Fisker owners, according to Carscoops.

About a month after the accident, she received $53,303. This equates to approximately NOK 580,000.

-We lost over $20,000 investing in an electric car startup, and I can't say goodbye soon enough.

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Possible emergency brake failure

US auto safety officials on Friday opened an investigation into 6,813 Fisker Ocean vehicles produced in 2023, after complaints that the automatic emergency braking system was inadvertently activated.

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Reuters reports.

They are said to have received several complaints alleging that activating the braking system without an obstacle in the road causes the vehicle to suddenly slow down.

There is no comprehensive insurance

When there are no parts to be had, insurance companies will not offer comprehensive insurance either.

Elbil24 and Bilbransje24 reviewed several insurance companies, which said they would not provide comprehensive insurance for newly signed cars. This applies to Storebrand, Gjensidige, If, and Tryg/Enter.

Therefore, insurance companies only offer liability insurance to Fisker Ocean owners. It covers harm caused to others. Insurance companies are required to provide liability insurance.

Since it is not possible to obtain comprehensive insurance, obtaining a car loan may become more difficult.

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