Five tips for your home

Five tips for your home

Do you feel that there is no comprehensive connection between home and home? The search for the famous “red thread” can quickly prove completely insurmountable. Or do you buy new and beautiful things, that are not as cute as you imagined when placed in your home?

This applies not only to interior decoration, but also to clothing. I think almost everyone has an outfit in the closet that the head has tricked into buying it with the imagining that this would be their “new self”.

The difference is that you can hide the clothes away in the closet, while the interior is standing in the room and shouting “wrong”

Boom Purchase is probably the word I hear often in my profession as an interior designer. How to follow the common thread and avoid buying traps?

An important thing to keep in mind is that the seasons affect us. It’s not just stores that pay for it.

  • When it’s cold outside, we like to decorate in warm, warm colors that remind us of warmth.
  • When it’s hot outside, we like to decorate with cool colors that remind us of the cold.

Grading is not the only thing that affects us, but also the colors on the outside.

There’s a reason our stores and homes are filled with orange, red, and yellow in fall. And to look more at pastels, green and blue in summer.

The desire to enjoy nature is a natural part of us. Photo: Camilla Bakken

You are certainly not one of those who allow yourself to be influenced, but the point is that the desire for renewal changes with the seasons.

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So how do you hit the brakes and actually find the cabin that works for you?

Here are five tips to help you make informed decisions:

1. Find Your Style

Spend some time discovering your own personal style. This is probably one of the most important things you can do when it comes to stopping automatic purchases. A tip I give to many of my clients is to search interior design magazines or Pinterest and Instagram. Cut or save the pictures that you think were cute. Now that you’ve created a small group, move on to the images. Ask yourself what you like and why you liked this particular photo.

This way, you become more aware, so that the next time you’re in the store, some warnings might ring in your head, in the form of “I see it from you” or “That’s not your style.”

2. Color and material plan

Assemble your color palette before proceeding with any of the renovations/decoration.

It is not at all necessary to choose new colors in all rooms. Sticking to a color scheme makes it easier when it comes to refurnishing or buying a new interior. If you have different patterns and colors around the house, you need to think differently in each room. This can quickly become tiring and no less expensive. If you take the time to compose a color palette and determine the number of colors and materials, you have a clear advantage.

Camilla Bakken of Kristiansand works, among others, as an interior designer and influencer. She is passionate about interior design and DIY, and is constantly starting new projects. Photo: Camilla Bakken

I like to call this a “step-by-step” plan. As you get better and better at educating yourself, many options come to you automatically, and you no longer need to plan meticulously.

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Differences and similarities

Our brain loves excitement. Therefore, the room will look boring if it is decorated so that everything is the same, but it will also look cluttered if there are a lot of differences. I usually say 70 percent of the similarities and 30 percent of the differences, to put the math into an interesting imbalance.

How do you find the differences and similarities in your home?

Here are some examples of what you can look for:

  • texture
  • Form
  • Colors
  • Textiles
  • natural materials
  • Old and new interior

Some of them may have straight or round shapes on the furniture. Thus there is no separation from other shapes, which perhaps makes the room look more interesting. Or the furniture has so many shapes that the room seems crowded. In these cases, it unfortunately happens that some of the furniture has to be turned into the plank, so that we can create the harmony we are looking for.

The round vase indoors with straight edges creates excitement. Photo: Camilla Bakken

The same applies to the use of old and new interiors. You may have realized that it is common to mix old and new interiors to create excitement. This is true, but you need to decide in advance whether it is the old or the new that will decide. That is, what should be 70 percent and what should be 30 percent.

4. Think holistically

Do not consider the colors of the walls, floors and interiors separately, but as a whole. When everything comes together in a room, it’s important for the elements to work together. Colors and temperatures affect each other all the time.

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A classic example of this is the colors of the walls. Why did you like the color in the store, but when it was on the wall, it didn’t look the way you imagined? This is because the wall color is affected by both the light and the interior being grouped together. A cold wall color can look much warmer when paired with other warm natural colors/metals/elements. Even the lamps you choose help influence the wall color.

5. Character

Then we were here. How do you maintain the character of your home by following the recipe you selected? The word “trend” has become an insult to some. You may be one of those who hate the idea of ​​falling into a trend, or perhaps even scarier, “following” that trend.

Wall colors are influenced by light and the interior being grouped together. Photo: Camilla Bakken

If so, I can comfort you that we have never been as personal as we are now. This probably isn’t something that diminished in the first place either. Previously, we bought interiors as needed, but now it’s about desire and desire. The economy is affecting us in a direction where more people can let their personalities shine in their homes.

To keep the personality inside, as mentioned earlier, awareness of choice is the easiest way to know that you’re buying something because you like it, not because it looks trendy and cool in the store.

It may take some time to shape the house the way you want it. A good tip is to take the time to help and make a plan for how you want it. This way, hopefully, one will avoid boomer purchases in the future.

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