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Ferje Sløvåg

Latest: The ferry is free and on its way to Leerwak.

On Thursday morning, there was a problem with the Liervac-Slovak ferry link on County Road 57 in Westland.

The boat suddenly lost its anchor. When they had to pull it back up, it turned out that it was caught in a cable, regional manager at Fjord1 Tor Kristoffersen tells NRK.

– We don’t know the reason. It has braking mechanisms and shouldn’t come loose, says Christoffersen.

The boat was removed at 12 o’clock. Then the boat stopped for more than an hour. The connection is still suspended.

– We need to look at the anchor and find out what happened. If the thing is damaged, Christopherson says, it’s a relatively short time to get the boat back up and running again.

The boat is stuck near the shore.

Photo: Ronnie Hagen

– heard a noise

The boat got stuck in the fjord with 38 passengers on board. One of them was Ronnie Hagen. He says he heard the crash shortly after the boat left the Slovak Cave.

– We heard a boom and a crazy noise. We ran out to look and then the boat stopped. It looks like an anchor is caught in one of the power cables.

Hagen said most people remained calm while the boat was stuck.

– There were some worried looks when the boat stopped, people wondered what to do now, he says.

Standing Standing: The boat stands a couple of hundred meters from the Slovak cave.

Missed the flight: – I thought it was annoying

Hagen is on his way to Bergen with a driver and eight passengers to catch a 2 o’clock flight to the Netherlands.

An hour after boarding the boat, he watched darkly as they arrived on time.

– They have already ordered a new plane ticket. They think it’s annoying not coming home for dinner, but now it’s going home for dinner, says the driver.

According to him, there were several other tourists on the boat who were about to catch the same flight. None of them arrived on time, but Hagen thinks the weather made up for the long wait.

– Nothing needs to be done about it. The weather was glorious and the kiosk on the boat was open. There was a plaster over the wound.

Sløvåg - Tourists lost their flight because of the Leirvåg ferry

Several tourists from the Netherlands and Germany lost their flight as a result of the boat getting stuck in the fjord.

Photo: Ronnie Hagen

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