Fjørtoft on Mourinho’s widely shared interview: – Intense – VG

Fjørtoft on Mourinho's widely shared interview: - Intense - VG
Tested: Jan Åge Fjørtoft had to deal with a very unhappy Jose Mourinho on Thursday night.

– Yes, there was a lot of pressure, Jan told VG Fuertoft the day after the robbery Something Out of focus after Bodo/Glimt’s raw 2-2 away result against Roma.

after the match Fjørtoft had to interview Roma coach Jose Mourinho on Viasat 4. The Portuguese was not happy with one point, and was first and foremost very unhappy with the referee.

Fjørtoft asked Mourinho exactly this, but the Roma coach was more interested in hearing what Fjørtoft I thought about the judge’s performance. However, Fjørtoft did not allow himself to sway the wand, and there was a back-and-forth discussion between them.

– I was totally done with it when it was over. It was intense, but when it was over, I was done with it. Maybe it comes from my background. You know that things happen quickly in sports, says Fjørtoft, and adds:

I have many roles where I have an opinion, but when I stand up and interview Mourinho as a reporter, I shouldn’t have an opinion, says Fuertoft.

Fjørtoft shared the interview on his Twitter, and the response was phenomenal. On the online Reddit forum, the interview is among the most shared in the football section today. The NENT reporter received a lot of praise for the way he handled the situation as you can see here:

Sunnmøringen believes there were several factors that made the interview go viral.

– Usually he stops the bus, but in Bodo he threw the team under it. Then it was taken off a bit by Bodø/Glimt, at Stadio Olimpico. That’s what makes the interview go viral, and it’s fun for so many to get it.

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He points out that interviewees like Mourinho often “play a role”.

– I was allowed to meet Mourinho several times, and he is one of my favorites for the interview. And every time I get excited about the role he’s going to play, who he wants to be there and then. It was made in Bodo, but this time he was unhappy with the verdict, says Fuertoft, who also noted that it was a matter of keeping quiet.

It’s about training, like anything else. Since I started working as a “presentation side” reporter at NENT, I’ve done many interviews, and I’ve been allowed to interview some of the biggest personalities. And they all have one thing in common. He adds that there are a number of other people who are using these ruling tech tricks.

And if anyone has been wondering about the mood after the interview that went viral, Fjørtoft reveals there was a good tone between them. According to Fjordoft, they took each other by the hand and winked at each other.

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