Flares and fights on Youngstorget

Flares and fights on Youngstorget

It was hot in central Oslo after France knocked Morocco out of the World Cup.


Operations Director Ron Hecklestrand has informed VG that there is a fight at Youngstorget in Oslo, in connection with the World Cup semi-final between France and Morocco.

– We have received reports of bad moods and post-match fights. Heckelstrand says flares went off inside the tent.

Operations Commander Monika Ingebritsen told VG at the scene that no one was brought in by the police as a result of the accident.

– We didn’t have police resources on site, so we had no expectations about this, says Ingebritsen.

It says there have been no reports of injuries.

– The fact that torches are lit inside is very unfortunate. We closed the arena, we closed the screen, Engebregtsen says, and the action was over.

Operations Manager Monica Engebritsen.

Operations manager Hekkelstrand says the organizer turned on the lights and opened the tent doors in Youngstorget, where the match was shown on a big screen, as part of the “Football Festen” event.

There’s a lot of commitment but now there seems to be a calmer vibe. The last message from the leagues, Hecklestrand says, was that things had calmed down and there was “a high mood”.

Finally, Mission Commander Engebregtsen called the following World Cup match:

Watch football and enjoy it, and don’t spoil it for others who want to enjoy it, says Ingebrigtsen.

Game Over With a 2-0 win for Francewhich means that the French national team is ready for the World Cup final for the second time in a row.

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Watch the reactions after the match between France and Morocco:


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