Flying again for the first time after the fatal accident – VG

Flying again for the first time after the fatal accident - VG

Shocked: Travis Parker said he was deeply traumatized after the plane crash 13 years ago. Foto: American broadcasting companies,

In 2008, Blink 182 artist Travis Parker survived a plane crash, when he barely escaped a burning plane. On Saturday, Parker flew again for the first time after the accident.


He writes for many American media, including TMZ And Persons Sunday.

This time, Parker was with boyfriend Kourtney Kardashian, when the couple flew her private jet to Cabo on Saturday.

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Parker has previously stated on several occasions that he will never fly again plane crash in 2008, where four people were killed. Only he and DJ Adam Goldstein survived. However, Goldstein, who was a good friend of Parker’s, died of an overdose the following year.

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Travis Parker said in an interview men’s health In May this year.

Dramatic: Four dead. Travis and his friend barely saved their lives in the plane crash at Columbia Metropolitan Airport in South Carolina. Travis was badly burned after the accident and fought for many years to get back on his feet. Photo: BRETT FLASHNICK / FR119234 AP

The two musicians disembarked from the burning plane on their own before rescue crews arrived at the scene. Their condition was critical due to the severe burns the two sustained after the accident.

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– I hate planes. My biggest fear in life is being in a plane crash, so when this happened…well, I’m glad I’m alive, a famous drummer told me a few weeks ago about the accident.

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It will be a long way for Travis to get back on his feet. He sustained third-degree burns on large parts of his body.

In the same interview with Mens Health, the former drummer spoke about how deep the fear of flying went into his body long after that.

“When I saw a plane in the air, I was absolutely convinced that it would crash,” said Travis.

Girlfriends: Kourtney Kardashian (42) and Travis Parker (45). She is the eldest of the Kardashian sisters. Photo: Gary A. Vasquez / X02835

In January, the American media wrote that the long friendship between Kourtney Kardashian (42 years old) and Travis Parker (45 years old) had developed into love. According to a number of media outlets, Kourtney, the eldest of the Kardashian sisters, will be dating Parker for a few months.

“According to our sources, Kourtney must have been very supportive and not pressured Travis Parker to fly again,” People wrote.

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