Follow Investor Day 2021 here | Finansavisen

Follow Investor Day 2021 here |  Finansavisen

Kjos-Mathisen says Norway is the primary market, and this is where the majority of customers are. At the same time, the company has grown to the bottom in Europe, without any special marketing campaigns, which provide exciting opportunities for increasing the customer base.

Ola Steny Johansson from Harmonychain

Crypto and blockchain company Harmonychain was listed on Euronext Growth at the end of May, and the stock price has looked like a rollercoaster since the listing.

– At the end of June, we received a relatively shocking letter. Then the design sketch was completed and simulated and we saw an increase in efficiency, but very low performance for both. chip, which in turn led to the product becoming expensive. Then we decided to redesign the basics, and in August we got a more promising result, says Steny Johansen.

– The design change resulted in “good” performance for each. chip, and we have much lower power consumption than all of our competitors.

The CEO of Harmonychain states that the market for this type of mining hardware is large, estimated at $7.2 billion this year. In addition, annual growth of 74 percent is expected.

– We feel very well positioned to take advantage of supply challenges, and we see insatiable demand for hardware. All competitors are sold out and the market is increasingly demanding efficient technology.

Crypto – Robert Ness from Nordea

Cryptocurrencies From an Investment Perspective: Whose Are All Cryptocurrencies For? How much cryptocurrency should you have in a diversified wallet?

First of all, there are many cryptocurrencies to choose from. Nice says there are already over 6,500 cryptocurrencies of value.

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When it comes to volume, it is apart from Bitcoin which stands out and makes up nearly half of the value in the market, in addition to Ethereum which makes up 18 percent. So the market is very focused.

The investment manager also notes that not only do cryptocurrencies fluctuate a lot, they also fluctuate explosively. Thus, it is a good market for those who like high volatility.

Many people may be wondering if Bitcoin is a way to make you a billionaire. If we look in the mirror, says Ness, the answer is actually yes.

It goes to how much cryptocurrency one should actually have in a diversified wallet.

– If you start with Sharpe-Ratio, bitcoin will come out fine, so it makes sense to have it in the wallet.

Technology stocks – Henriette Trondsen of Arctic Securities and Christoffer Wang Bjørnsen of DNB Markets

What tech stocks do ‘best’ IT analysts in Norway think you should invest in right now?

The way we look at it, with the lack of chips and general problems in value chains creating volatility in the market, we think there are great opportunities for investors to get into companies at a good price. An important factor in getting a good price, Björnsen says, is the concept of “the right side of history”.

What the DNB Markets analyst puts it is that he doesn’t have much to say about what the company is doing in the short term. If the company is positioned correctly in strong secular trends, it will be right in the end no matter what he thinks.

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One company that we think investors can get into at a good price is Nordic Semiconductor. The company is still in its early stages and a lot of exciting things are going to happen in the future, says Björnsen.

The sector is characterized by strong trends across sectors, Trondsen says.

The analyst notes that in addition to strong trends, there is a large spread in the valuation of various sectors. Software, semiconductors and communications equipment have been the best performers on the stock exchange, while telecom has been the weakest so far this year.

Trondsen also highlights some specific advice about stocks, one of which is Zalaris.

– It’s a share you should own before next year. We believe the company has gone through a transformation as before as of next year.

Tech – Siri Børsum from Huawei

Technology has been the winner through the pandemic, so is technology still the most important?

The tech-heavy US Nasdaq is up just over 17 percent this year, and it’s up as much as 67 percent last year. The sector has had tailwinds for a long time and many are still choosing to invest money in technology, despite inflation concerns and rising interest rates.

– Is the technology still applied? The short and simple answer is yes, says Borsum.

For the business community, it’s all about creating value for the user, and making it quick and easy. She adds that those who create that feeling will win over consumers.

Huawei primarily refers to three key areas important to the technology sector, namely that we are connected at all times with many different devices, we leave a lot of information and we leave behind an abundance of data, as well as constantly new technologies such as VR and 3D printing.

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These are the three current trends in the technology sector, which will continue to contribute to future developments.

This is what happens

This year’s investor days lasted for four days. It is full of useful information, insights and good advice for both large and small investors. Over 40 experts will share their knowledge and advice on everything from macro, interest rates, oil, energy and renewables to technology, cryptocurrencies, biotech and not least stocks in these sectors.

There will be plenty of insight and concrete advice from many of the best in their fields.

Investor Days is broadcast on, while on Thursday 21 October it goes live at the Christiania Theater in Oslo.

Here you can check out the entire program.

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