followed by RBK and Molde – gives a clear message about the comet seal

followed by RBK and Molde - gives a clear message about the comet seal

From the start against Gerf August 18. Midfielder Sam Rogers and goalkeeper Nicholas Hagen played 17 league games for Hamkham in the OBOS League last year.

Under then-HamKam head coach Kjetil Rekdal, the duo received only eight setbacks and kept ten clean sheets in their matches.


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01/13/2022 at 15:12

American Rogers was at the club on loan from Oklahoma City, but signed a new deal with the green shorts in the new year.

At the same time, Rosenborg and Molde follow him.

– Take it very calmly. I haven’t heard anything from any club. It is completely quiet. Rogers will play at HamKam, this is the starting point, sports director Espen Olsen tells Discover.

Rogers himself assured of Red Arbiderblad He spoke to the old coaches in Lerkendale. Although the interest of my birth is denied as a mistake in romsdales bodystickRogers claims to know her through an agent.

– Yes, two weeks ago we spoke together on the phone (RBK). I know what their intent and ideas for the club are. I personally haven’t talked to my mould, but there was something through my agent. There I also gained insight into what their intention was, he told HA.

Also Adresseavisen He mentioned RBK’s interest in Rogers. Online newspaper As Muldes mentioned.
Rekdal himself says he has That the conversation took place before he realized that Rogers had signed a permanent agreement at Priskeby.

– We didn’t know it actually happened, and we were surprised when he found out. We talked to Sam as if he was a free agent. Ricdale says he may have been in the space Christmas.

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However, HamKam is in a favorable position with regard to midfielders. The club already includes the young quartet of Rogers (22), Hasan Kurokai (24), Vettel Skjervik (21) and Halvor Rodolin Opsahl (19) in the squad.

Additionally, they signed 1.91 tall Julian Dunn (21) from Canada. He is seen as the Joker in that back lineup, when he soon joins the squad.

Knowing that almost all other teams are looking for midfielders and that the club is in control of finances, HamKam has good negotiating cards on hand.

Is selling inappropriate at all?

– Yes, in principle we will not sell anyone. We want to strengthen the team, so it will take a lot, Olsen says.

– He says himself that he spoke with Rykdal, what do you think about that?

– I have no comment on that. Kjetil and Geir were his coaches last year. I haven’t spoken to Sam, so I have no real comment on that.

– When we brought Sam, we agreed with him and the agent that if he succeeded and he would play in Norway, he would play at HamKam, not any of the others. Both the agent and the player were loyal to it, and signed from 1.1, continued.

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Speak to Solbakken before a bath deal: – Natural

Was there an item that you had to get rid of?

– I don’t want to comment on anything about that with the negotiations with the players. I can’t take it in the media, it’s confidential.

When asked about Rogers and the Lerkendale players, Rickdal answered After Discovery a few days ago:

– We don’t have anything on the player’s agenda. There is a lot of writing in the media, but nothing.

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He emphasized, however, that this was a matter of writing at the time of writing. He has never hidden that they need defensive players, but they should get a complete overview of the need and condition of their new club first.

Instead, HamKam, as new coach Jakob Michaelsen, wants to really get into things at Briskeby, bringing in players ahead of the Elite Series’ return.

– We’re working on and we’ll have three or four players, says Olsen.

– Like Fredrik Sjolstad?

– I have no comment on that.

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