Food prices, kiosk | Price level in Gardermoen: – You are trapped, it is just “keep driving”

Food prices, kiosk | Price level in Gardermoen: – You are trapped, it is just “keep driving”

Trin and her husband Stein, 67, stop at the kiosk in Gardermoen before boarding a flight to Chania on the island of Crete.

-You are on vacation, we also need water and something else. And then you just buy, she says.

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Nettavisen meets Trine and Stein at the “Point” booth which is located next to the foreign streets of Gardermoen. Nettavisen's recent price test shows that this is where it might be wise to take a second look at prices.

Here are the costs for example:

  • Morning yogurt: 34.00
  • 0.65 liter water bottle: 51.00
  • Wrap: 105.00

The corresponding prices in Narvesen are:

  • Go to morning yogurt: 28.00
  • 0.65L Water Bottle: 39.00
  • Wrap: 83.00

And with kiwi:

  • Morning yogurt: 21.10
  • 0.65 liter water bottle: 20.40
  • Wrap: 49.90

Some of the things that sting the most are some toiletries like toothbrushes and lip balm. Here you have to count on more than three times the price if you stop at the kiosk, compared to Kiwi.

See an overview of 26 items below

Big differences in prices

Nettavisen has checked the prices of a number of items in Gardermoen, Narvesen and Kiwi. You can find the latter two at or right next to Oslo Central Station. The price difference on the shopping baskets shows some savings:

  • Point in Gardermoen: NOK 1,407.00
  • Narvesen: 1,213.00 NOK
  • Kiwi: 607.93 NOK

If you are shopping at the “Point” in Gardermoen, you should be prepared to actually pay. Double Kiwi price on 21 products out of 26.

But there is another stall in Gardermoen. It doesn't matter which booth you choose.

Because obviously the “kiosk” is cheaper than the “point”. And it's actually cheaper than Narvesen too. Here comes the shopping cart for NOK 1,173.25.

– Rising prices

Trine and Stein Håkonsen visited the most expensive kiosk, “Point”. They bought two small bags of nuts, a bottle of water and a muesli. They can say that it cost 160 NOK.

– Train says: – I would describe the price level here as high.

Of course, options inside the airport are limited.

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– You've fallen into the trap. Easy. And then, you're not just trapped because you checked in, you're trapped because you're psychologically on vacation. You've cut off all the reasons. And you say, “It starts now.”

“Yes, and we had to give up the bottle of water we brought from home,” Stein says.

The rules state that you cannot bring drinks through security.

– It hurts to lift it. Then we lost the deposit, too, Stein says with a twinkle in his eye.

Cheaper in Gardermoen

The kiosks in Gardermoen have certain discounts if you buy several items. For example, Point has an offer on half-litre bottles of drinks: two for 69.00. One costs 40.00.

The person who took advantage of this was a group of friends on their way to London. Two of the group bought two drinks and paid a total of 69.00.

– I would never buy a pint of water for 40 Norwegian kroner, says Findel.

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Others also made small purchases, but most of the money was saved for use in the British capital.

– I would say the price level is high, but you know it's expensive at the airport, Havard says.

A shopping cart with 26 items is NOK 234 more expensive at Point than at the kiosk. There is a 20 percent difference in price.

The kiosk was also cheaper than Narvesen on many items.

Document aids

  • Kiosk: 42.00
  • Narvesin: 49.00

Carmex Lip Balm:

  • Kiosk: 44.25
  • Narvesin: 52.00

Chocolate muffin:

  • Kiosk: 29.00
  • Narvesin: 42.00

The flight to Chania is approaching. Stein has made a point, though that is no consolation. At least not for us Norwegians.

– The krone exchange rate means prices aren't so crazy for foreigners shopping here. It's worse for us Norwegians, says Stein.

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Price test: Gardermoen vs. Narvecine

Here you can see the prices at the kiosks in Gardermoen and Narvesen in Oslo S.

It will give customers the “Best Value”

Point is by far the most expensive in Nettavisen's price check. It is operated by SSP. Their PR agency sent a statement to Nettavisen in which they wrote, among other things, that they are interested in offering “the best value” to customers.

The statement said:

“To ensure we remain as competitive as possible, we regularly benchmark our offerings against other kiosks. We have offers and promotions.”

Otherwise, SSP believes it is not appropriate to compare prices at an airport kiosk with low-cost chains such as Kiwi.

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Avinor follows

Everyone who runs kiosks and restaurants at airports hires from Avinor. All tenants' contracts stipulate regular price comparisons with similar off-airport concepts.

– We will be monitoring this in particular regarding which kiosk concepts have the biggest difference in price comparison, says Avinor Commercial Director, Iskra Skram.

Avinor cannot order kiosks to make price changes, but they will therefore consult with players after a price test conducted by Nettavisen.

Otherwise, Avinor's scrum points out that many goods are sold at relatively the same price at the kiosks.

– She says that some difference in prices between concepts is normal, and this is also the case in the market as a whole.

Otherwise, it is wrong to compare prices at kiosks and grocery stores.

Airport prices in Narvesen

Therefore, the price of Narvesen in Oslo S is higher than the price of a single kiosk at the airport. However, there is no possibility of any change in the price level at Narvesen.

– Like other players in the kiosks, we conform to the general price level in the market, and prices at Narvesen are set centrally after careful evaluation, says Narvesen's Category and Purchasing Manager, Anniken Staubo.

She says they take into account the local competitive situation and the general price level of kiosks at different types of outlets.

– Narvesen should be a destination for good food and drink on the go, as we always have good promotions and fixed offers for our customers, says Staubo.

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