Food prices, kiwi | The price of blood for food: – Raymond, you have to put things in order!

Food prices, kiwi |  The price of blood for food: – Raymond, you have to put things in order!

The Progress Party says food deliveries to the homes of elderly people in need of care have been halted.

– This is a highway robbery with the municipality’s blessing, says Julianne Ofstad from Oslo Frb.

Nettavisen recently revealed that seniors are having to pay exorbitant prices for food delivered to their homes.

Rødt’s representative to parliament, Mimir Christianson, believes Nettavisen’s ad is outrageous.

People with dementia must be confident that the municipality is making sure that they get food at a reasonable price. Christianson says they shouldn’t be afraid of the taximeter going off.

He has a clear message for the leader of the Oslo City Council, Raymond Johansen.

– Raymond, you have to put things in order and take responsibility!

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I got sky high bills

It was Ragnhild Halseth and her partner, Esben Nagvik, who spoke of the price hike. Ragnhild’s father suffers from dementia and has received help from the municipality to order food at home. Bills came to about NOK 10,000 per month.

– As the price-conscious Sunnmoer that I am, I was shocked. Halseth says paying £65.39 for a 110g package of cooked pork is disgusting.

More than double the price

Here is the Nettavisen price check for ten popular food items. On many items, the price is more than double.

purpose Oda difference
Handmade Springberry Jam 400g Nora 84.92 37.00 47.92
VIENNA SAUSAGE L 520g Leathery 141.41 64.90 76.51
Nogati 500 grams 71.56 32.90 38.66
Lamb sausage L 91G VOSSA SHEEP 72.12 35.70 36,42
Saniva – orange juice for 1 liter 47.07 24.80 22, 27
Meatballs 800 gm leathery 167.32 91.30 76.02
Bacon Potty Oven Baked 185 Gm Flour Mills 48.40 29.80 18.60
Soldier Natural Chocolate 138 Gm 61.91 42.00 19.91
Friel Frilly Barley Breakfast 250 gm 71.60 48.60 23.00
Family ham sliced ​​leatherette 150 gm 43.80 31.20 12.60
the total 810.11 438.20 371.91
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Nettavisen’s random sampling showed that many food items at are twice as expensive as Oda, Kiwi and Rema 1000. For example, a packet of Wiener sausages at Matleveranser costs NOK 141.41. On Oda, the price is 64.90.

– I think the district has a responsibility to accurately inform relatives and have solutions that don’t cost a shirt, Ragnhild Halseth tells Nettavisen.

The family also countered that the municipality had little control over orders. Thus, the father was receiving food bills of around NOK 10,000 a month. This is despite the fact that he was eating at the dementia center four times a week.

Feel free to advise Nettavisen journalist on similar matters!

– It is interesting that the region does not have a better system in 2023. Ragnhild Halseth says that consumers with the least resources are affected by this.

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Oslo KOmon must take responsibility

– Politicians must take responsibility for delivering food to the elderly to their homes without having to pay for blood, says the parliamentarian for Rudit, Mimir Christianson.

He does not believe that the company that sells and delivers the goods should be blamed. Believes the company that says service costs. The company takes orders over the phone, delivers food, and helps put merchandise into refrigerators and drawers.

– It is not right for the public to allow this private company to take responsibility for delivering food to the elderly to their homes.

He believes that the municipality itself should be able to organize better food delivery.

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Oslo Municipality is a major player. They should be able to ensure affordable purchases and prices for seniors who depend on ordering food, Christianson says.

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Older people are almost fooled

– Here the municipality recommended the elderly to use It is as if the elderly are being tricked into buying items at exorbitantly high prices, says Julianne Ofstad of Oslo Frp.

She reacts strongly to the fact that the elderly and relatives do not know about the increase in food prices.

– The bottom line is that they provide the elderly and their relatives with adequate information about price hikes, says Ofstad.

Feel free to advise Nettavisen journalist on similar matters!

She is now seeking an answer from the City Council.

– I think the City Council needs to survey how many old people there are who pay for blood for food they get at home, and how much home delivery is needed. They also have to answer what they want to do with the food order in the future. Older people deserve better services, Ofstad says.

– We’re looking into it

Netavisen asked City Council President Raymond Johansen for comment. He sent it to Marthe Scharning-Lund, city councilor for health, elderly and citizen services in Oslo.

In an email to Nattavisen, she wrote:

– I completely understand that this can be difficult. Some seniors don’t have the opportunity to order food digitally, and those who work at home are not allowed to help pay with a bank ID, Lund writes.

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– The home service must use a resource where orders can be called in and then an invoice received, as you write.

According to Lund, the municipality knows of only one supplier that offers this option.

– We are now looking at whether there is more Oslo Municipality can do to make ordering food easier and better for seniors living at home, Lund wrote.

– The issue with the Bank ID and the limitations that lie within it must be resolved at the national level, but it is my responsibility to look at how to facilitate a system that works as best as possible for the residents of Oslo. You write, of course, I take it very seriously.

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